When ÉCU—The European Independent Film Festival travels the world to find the best independent films, we find some amazing people along the way. One of our team members had the pleasure of meeting French film collector and leading figure, Bruno Bouchard, at the Festival de Cannes earlier this season. He told us about his ongoing project, “24 mensonges par seconde”.

Jean Luc Goddard la verite du cinema“24 mensonges par seconde”, which can be translated to “24 lies a second”, is an interactive film project spearheaded by Bouchard. The project challenges the words of director Jean Luc-Goddard, who said “Cinema is truth 24 times a second.” Based on the premise that film is in many respects, a lie, the project began with various 10-second segments of 35mm film from Bruno’s personal collection. These segments included 24 isolated scenes that were transparent or blue in color, and diverse in terms of subject matter. They were then sent to artists who expressed interest in the project, essentially whoever looked at the Facebook page and sent Bouchard a $5 participation check. The filmmakers could then edit the segments however they chose, using paint, perforation, or any other number of techniques. Then, they sent their work back to Bouchard, who has strung together with tape and glue, the thousands of altered 10-second segments he has received.

During the process, Bouchard has continued to shoot and add his own film and still photographs to the madness. As he says, “This is just delusional.” The collaborative final result is an utterly unique film that has been created by people from all over the world. If you didn’t catch the screening at the Mashup Film Festival at Le Forum des images in Paris, don’t worry. The adventure continues as Bouchard has said there is no time limit to the project. Check out the trailer here!

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