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January always means new beginning, the feeling of having another chance and loads of good intentions. Refreshed after the holidays, we got back on track really fast, as The European Independent Film Festival is just around the corner. Submissions to ÉCU closed on January 17th, setting the road to the last month before the announcement of 2016 Official Selection. An endless amount of independent films to watch, one hundred titles to pick out: the following months will see our energies focused on that.  Although, submissions for “Much More than a Script Competition”, the section of the festival devoted to scriptwriters, are still open, so send us your works before the deadline on March 6th!

January has also been a month of experimentation and fun: our new team of creatives filmed and produced two series to promote the festival. Sub-Missions Series is already out on our channels, while you shouldn’t miss the one we have recently worked on, ÉCU Exercises Series, which is still a work in progress. Less than one month, indeed, separates us from the 2016 Official Selection and we know exactly how stressful it is to wait for an important announcement that can literally change someone’s life. That’s why we support you during this hard stage, by preparing a list of basic exercises to keep you in shape before the big verdict. Another fresh addiction among our projects is a series of interviews to young creatives based in Paris. We got the chance to invite to our office a bunch of actors, writers and filmmakers and hear their interesting stories. Make sure you check out all these on our channels, we put a lot of passion and hard work on them.

At the end of the month we had the pleasure to attend Snowdance Independent Film Festival in Landsberg, Germany, where the president of ÉCU, Scott Hillier, took part to a panel discussion to speak about The European Film Festival and discuss with the other guests. As usual, we’ve been writing our weekly Spotlight articles: this January you can read about young and versatile talent, Jonathan Levine, meet Taiwanese legend New-Wave director Hou Hsiao Hsien and, finally, find out hidden stories behind one of the world most famous filmmaker, Martin Scorsese.

As excitement for the festival increases day by day, we wish you all a good start of 2016! Keep following us and make sure your goal number one for this new year is: getting out your creativity and craziness as much as you can!

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