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One more time we are reaching the end of another month. Even with the days getting shorter and even with the clocks changing we are still as active as ever in the office.

October has been an extremely busy month with ÉCU-ON-THE-ROAD travelling to North Africa, for two of our partner festivals, the Qabila Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt from 8th to 10th October, where 5 films from our 2015 Official Selection were screened among the 173 films on the program, and to Tangier in Morocco for the 8th edition of the Tangier International Film Festival from 20th -24th October where we had the opportunity to be part of the jury. Travelling from one end to the other we also stopped off in Aarhus, Denmark, for another one of our Scandinavian partner festivals, Aarhus Independent Pixels. At the this new short film and photography festival specialising in Nordic talent, there was a special screening of 8 films from ÉCU 2015’s Official Selection, including 4 award winning films! And of course it doesn’t stop there in November we are off to the UK and Australia for our partner festivals, Aesthetica Short Film Festival from 5th to 7th November in York and Clare Valley Film Festival in Blyth from 13th to 14th November 2015. We’ll keep you updated on our where abouts during the month so stay tuned..

Our ÉCU movie review is going strong with Nabil Ayouch’s MUCH LOVED and Louis Garrel’s TWO FRIENDS as the subject of our critique. Read how the Franco-Moroccan director immerses us, body and soul, into the day-to-day life of four women who sell their bodies every night in Marrakesh in MUCH LOVED and about how TWO FRIENDS is, in a way, the perfect example of “Garrellism”: exceedingly parisien, smelling like fags and cheap beer, while the plot is constructed, unsurprisingly, around a love triangle. More of these insightful reviews to come.

With a whole host of seriously fascinating people in this world its always hard to choose our Friday subject for our spotlight article. October’s list is made up of the great Michael Cimino, Chantal Akerman who passed away earlier this month, Joaquin Phoenix, and Leos Carax. Have a look on our website to read the full articles! You will be amazed when you read the story of these character’s lives.

With so much happening in our office all the time it is essential you stay up to date through all our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube) where you can watch the latest submission trailers. You can even catch our latest intern video and our Jim Jarmusch inspired latest promotional ÉCU video. Have a watch they are bound to make you smile!

And while we have been making some short films we would like to see your films too. The early bird submissions deadline is just around the corners so make sure to submit your films to us before 22nd November 2015!

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