The hot and humid summer days have arrived to Paris among with hordes of tourists reminding everybody that it is a high time for holidays. However, at ÉCU we combine work with fun (no, we do not wear bikinis in the office and drink margaritas the whole day long). So while having the best summer in Paris we keep working on a full speed looking for best independent  films around the world. Don’t forget, the festival will be held in Paris on April 10th-12th, 2015.

As any other month, this July was productive in all possible ways. We received loads of new submissions, which trailers we are continuously uploading to our social media channels. It is always a wonderful feeling to open a package with new film and put it on play. Let the joy not stop and keep submitting your films, be sure to do it early, the first deadline is already in November!

We are happy that while all offices around ÉCU are getting empty for summer vacations, ÉCU’s office is on a full buzz. Three interns have joined our team this month, making the atmosphere even more diverse. Here at ÉCU we appreciate everybody’s talents so don’t be shy and join us for your best experience! Also, don’t forget to check out our latest intern buzz video with our wonderful Clara in it.

Sadly, July is almost finished and we are heading to the last month of the summer. However, we end the month with a great mood, always changing but still wonderful Paris weather and call for submissions for ÉCU 2015 film festival.

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