For the second year now, ÉCU is proud to call this special film festival in Beirut, Lebanon, its partner. Cabriolet Film Festival takes place this weekend from the 30th May until the 1st of June. It will screen several films from ÉCU’s 2014 Official Selection, such as 7 HOURS by Farah Alhashim, winner of The Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking.

Although it is quite a young festival, CFF already attracts filmmakers from all over the world, being a festival that “deals with social issues and is a platform for individuals and groups to express their thoughts freely on sensitive topics that deal with social justice, equal rights, and oppression.”

Cabriolet Film Festival was launched in 2009 by the team of Laboratoire D’art as the first outdoors film festival of its kind in Lebanon. Since then it’s become an annual event, which takes place on Gemmayzeh Stairs in the heart of Beirut.

The festival aims to create a unique forum of exchange and dialogue between the public and the filmmaking community. To do this, they work on bringing together artists and filmmakers, championing short films and allowing the public to interact with the filmmakers. Every year they celebrate the short film as an independent form of art by presenting local and international films in various forms- from archival, to short fiction, to documentary, to animation and video art.

But CFF is not just a short film festival, it’s more than that. It has become an event that champions human rights, advocates justice and freedom of expression and focuses on the concepts of equal opportunity and sustainability.

In order to maintain focused on progress, they adopt one emerging trend each year as the theme for the screened films. After themes such as Change, Beyond Borders and Public Space, this years chosen theme is Relationships.This means all short films evolve around relationships in their different forms whether spiritual, physical, interpersonal, familial or humanitarian. Short films can even address relationships between nations and political parties.

ÉCU will be present at Cabriolet Film Festival by screening 4 films of this year’s edition.


This collaboration is an example of how films submitted to ÉCU get to be screened in different corners of the world. We always stay true to our philosophy of sustaining and promoting independent cinema all around the globe. So what are you waiting for filmmakers? Submit your films to our next edition and you’ll be a part of it.

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