What to Do in Paris in June

  The 1975 – 20 June – Olympia A perfect synthesis of boisterous 70s glam-rock, synth-packed pop-rock and poignant acoustics ballads with hints of catchy bubble-gum pop, Manchester-born indie-rock band The 1975 has taken the international music scene by storm since the release of their debut self-titled album, featuring string of instant hits including their […]

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May Updates

After the thrilling merriments last month’s 12th edition of ÉCU, the team here at our offices decided that they were not quite yet ready to wind down from the memories of the festival’s revelries. We decided to capitalised on the scorching summer weather finally gracing us by taking our annual trip to the Cannes Film […]

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Movie Review: Love Me

. Hildesheim-born filmmaker and writer Philipp Eichholtz made his foray into cinematography with his satirical rap video, Do My Own Thing (2005), before releasing his first feature length film, My Data and I (2009), a contrasting project dealing with the issues of data protection and mass surveillance. Several years later, Eichholtz wrote and directed Love […]

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Spotlight: Mira Nair

  In 2017, Mira Nair’s insurmountable figure towers in contemporary cinema as one of America’s most esteemed filmmakers. Her perspicuous socio-cultural explorations of Indian society in all its rich dimensions allows for the emergence of an astonishingly profound cinematic experience. Born in India’s eastern state of Odisha and educated at both New Delhi University and Harvard, Nair began her […]

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Movie Review: Things to Come

  In Things to Come (2016), Natalie Chazeaux (Isabelle Huppert) is working in Paris as a French philosophy teacher when her quiet life suddenly crumbles. After twenty years of marriage, her husband leaves her for another woman. Her mother dies. Her long-time publishing house no longer wants to distribute her work. Though she stoically traverses her troubles, it is […]

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Spotlight: Reed Morano

  Directed by veteran cinematographer Reed Morano, Hulu’s new original series The Handmaid’s Tale is a masterwork of television adaptation. Elegant and disquieting, it’s the perfect crystallization of Margaret Atwood’s dystopia: a near-future America, renamed Gilead, whose population is dying out and whose religious fundamentalist government has forced society’s remaining fertile women (handmaids) to work […]

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ÉCU in Cannes 2017

    With the festival feeling like a distant memory, its time for ÉCU’s next adventure as we set off for our annual appointment with the Cannes Film Festival where we will be launching our ‘call for submissions’ for ÉCU 2018. Kicking off our Cannes tour, we will be at the T3: Talent, Tools and […]

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– Cameron Crowe’s Oscar-winning cult-classic, Almost Famous (2000), offers audiences an entrancing delve into the world of 1970s rock music with its perfect blend of sharp humour, charmingly époque-capturing cinematography, hypnotizing cast performances and an exquisite musical score which all poetically capture the emotional complexities in the maturation of 15-year-old rock-enthusiast William Miller at the […]

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– Haitian filmmaker, writer and former politician Raoul Peck paints profoundly jarring and wildly spirited portraits of the protracted and tumultuous political conflicts that are deeply enmeshed in the modern-day Haitian experience. Over the course of his three-decade long filmic career, Peck has demonstrated an exquisitely nuanced narrative dexterity in his treatment of the significant […]

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– The acclaimed Kurdish documentary Gulîstan, Land of Roses (2016) follows a group of female fighters in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as they battle the Islamic State in Northern Iraq. Director Zaynê Akyol conceived her film as a tribute to Gulîstan, a Kurdish activist she’d known in Montreal who left for Iraq to join […]

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Spotlight: Lucrecia Martel

– Argentine director, screenwriter and producer Lucrecia Martel has long been considered one of the key figures of the New Argentine Cinema wave, with her films serving as stunningly poetic and piercingly authentic social critiques of the collective malaise that permeates modern society. Martel sheds a highly penetrating light on the devastating dissolution she illuminates […]

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#SheShoots Recap

ÉCU was proud to present #SheShoots, a panel composed of the female film directors in competition at ÉCU 2017.  This was an exceptional year because not only did 2017 mark the 12th edition of ÉCU, but we also had the privilege of showcasing films from a record number of 29 independent female filmmakers. In an industry […]

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Filmmakers Interviews 2017

Year upon year ÉCU has the privilege of showcasing a magnitude of talent in filmmaking and our 12th edition proved to be no exception. We were thrilled that so many directors and representatives from our Official Selection were able to join us, and during the course of the festival weekend we were able to delve […]

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Movie Review: Get Out

The subject matter of racial tensions in America has been firmly on the radar in Hollywood cinema since the 1950s, gradually receiving deeper and more nuanced treatment as increasing attention and funding has been given to productions that explore the 400 year racial drama of the United States. The last few years have produced a […]

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What to do in Paris in May

Can you believe it’s now May? Although it seems as if the cold January New Year was just last week, we’ve already entered the fifth month of 2017 [what?]. Things seem to have finally come alive again between the warm temperatures, gorgeous blue skies, and bright pink cherry blossom trees scattered along the Parisian streets. […]

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April Updates

This month is the high-point of our year here at ÉCU as it marks the onset of our highly anticipated three-day festival extravaganza – the 12th edition of the European Independent Film Festival! All our busied toil and extensive preparations in anticipation of the festival paid off on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd at Cinéma Les 7 Parnassiens, […]

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Movie Review: Kati Kati

  Watching Kati Kati (Mbithi Masya), viewers are brought into contact with a mystical sensibility – one recalling the beliefs of early experimental filmmakers that the medium’s transformative energies were by far its most vital feature. Swahili for “in-between”, kati kati refers to the film’s strange desert purgatory where a young woman Kaleche (Nyokabi Gethaiga) wakes […]

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Winners 2017

Europe’s premier event for independent cinema, ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival – announces its 2017 award-winning films, including its highest honour, „Best European Independent Film 2017.“ After showcasing 73 films from 28 countries, ÉCU 2017 ended its indie-packed weekend with a dazzling final ceremony recognizing 25 award winners in 14 categories. Winners included: EMILY […]

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