Another good reason to submit to ÉCU – we show our films around the world! Our partner Naperville Independent Film Festival (NIFF) from USA is screening all ÉCU 2012 winners.

Of the 100 films being screened, 23 films were selected by ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival. “All the winners from there come over here, we screen them here; and all the winners from here go over there, they screen them there. They accept films that were nominated and won at other film festivals, and out of the batch of winners, they pick the best. So when we get these films from Europe, they are already the best of the best.”, says Edmond Coisson, founder of the NIFF.

All the ÉCU films will premiere at the Ogden 6 Cinemas. “Women & Children,” “Bliss Street” and “The Forest is Red” will screen there at 7 p.m. Sept. 15.

With special décor and some delicious chocolates, attendees will believe they’re in Paris at the ÉCU Film Festival.

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