ÉCU is pleased to announce that we shall be venturing outside our Parisian home once more for another exciting endeavour; this time, we are off to Riga, Latvia, to do, for the first time, one of our world-class ÉCU screenings.

Over the 17th and 18th January, we shall be showing some of the world’s finest independent films, in the gorgeous art-house theatre that is Kino Bize, found right in the heart of the city. This cozy cinema has an abundance of warmth and character, as well as a youthful zest for unconventionality, preferring to screen independently produced films that challenge and defy mainstream conformity with their vibrancy and content. This makes it an ideal venue for ÉCU’s work in finding and promoting the best of independent film.

Our selection for the screening includes such former ÉCU award winners  A Beautiful Day (Best Non-European Dramatic Short Film 2017), Cubs (Best European Independent Film 2017), Emily Must Wait (Best European Dramatic Short Film 2017), Discipline (Best Independent Comedy Film 2016),  My Last Summer (Special Jury Mention 2017), and Refugee Blues (Best European Documentary Film 2017).

Take a look at our program below:


StandbyPhedon Papamichael00:21:11USANon-European Dramatic Short2017

Title Director Length Country of origin Category Year
The Rhythm of Being Giada Ghiringhelli 00:06:10 UK Experimental Film 2017
The Driving Seat Phil Lowe 00:09:08 UK European Comedy Film 2017
Eviction Marcel Glauche 00:27:01 Germany European Dramatic short 2017
The Oracle Nan Feix 00:14:28 France European Dramatic short 2017
My Last Summer Claude Demers 00:15:03 Canada Non-European Dramatic Short 2017
Put Down Rick Limentani 00:09:53 UK European Dramatic short 2016
Refugee Blues Stephan Bookas, Tristan Daws 00:06:11 Germany/UK European Documentary 2017
Zaar Ibrahim Nada 00:11:21 USA Student Film 2017
Standby Charlotte Reagon 00:21:11 UK Excellence in Women’s Filmmaking 2017
A Beautiful Day Phedon Papamichael 00:21:11 USA Non-European Dramatic Short 2017



Title Director Length Country of origin Category Year
The Bridge Over the River Jadwiga Kowalska 00:05:50 Switzerland European Animated Film 2017
Omar Noa Gottesman, Asaf Schwartz 00:12:46 Israel Student Film 2017
Emily Must Wait Christian Wittmoser 00:11:57 Germany European Dramatic short 2017
Reunion Ruya Koman 00:09:34 USA Non-European Dramatic Short 2017
Cubs Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir 00:19:05 Iceland European Dramatic short 2017
Last Train Home Ansgar Glatt 00:18:51 Germany European Dramatic short 2016
Rabbit Blood Yağmur Altan 00:04:36 USA Student Film 2017
The Wheels on the Bus Joshua Long 00:09:46 Australia Student Film 2017
The Way of Tea Marc Fouchard 00:20:39 France European Dramatic short 2016
Discipline Christophe M. Saber 00:11:59 Switzerland Comedy Film 2016

We are sure it will be an excellent event and cannot wait to start our collaboration with Kino Bize. Uz drīzu redzēšanos, Rīga!

Check out the event here: http://bit.ly/2DiSnOj 

ÉCU, sometimes known as the “Sundance of Europe”, has been actively searching for and promoting the world’s best independent films since 2006, and we don’t plan on finishing our mission any time soon. If you believe we are missing your cinematic creation to complete our portfolio of independent masterpieces to display to an worldwide audience, be sure to submit your film to ÉCU here: http://bit.ly/2rjpM3T

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