Our dear Indie Filmmakers,

We at ÉCU have a very special introduction to make – please meet our new sister festival the Mt. Fuji Atami Film and VR Festival

Based in the beautiful seaside city of Atami, the Mt. Fuji Atami Film and VR Festival looks set to become  Japan’s best independent international film festival. They pride themselves in choosing the best of the best in indie film, and in prioritising innovation and originality above all else.  As well as their independent soul and ethic, Mt.Fuji Atami is proving itself to be a top indie festival as  they haven’t let their newbie status slow them down. They have already managed to secure amazing partnerships in just their first year running, including collaborations with leading television and film networks within Japan.

All they are missing now are the works of talented filmmakers such as yourselves!

So, our beloved film-making followers, here is what you should do: SUBMIT YOUR FILMS TO ATAMI! This is simply NOT an opportunity to be missed. As well as generous cash prizes to be won, this is an amazing chance for your film to be seen by a huge, worldwide audience.  As award-winners and nominated films are  also eligible for nationwide theatrical distribution, DVD distribution and TV broadcasting in Japan, your film will be seen by people ALL OVER JAPAN! Just think of it – your film available to be loved and adored by a whole nation of people!

They accept films in  all forms and genres including short films, medium length films, feature films, drama, experimental, comedy, horror, slow cinema, science fiction, fantasy, animation, and documentaries (yes, that is pretty much all of them!). Student films are even eligible for special prizes – make those studies count, young’uns!

Submit your films now to be sure to catch their early bird deadline on the Wednesday 31ST JANUARY 2018 (local time).

Now for an extra special treat for our ÉCU filmmakers (because you know we spoil you!) –  here is a discounted entry code to get 50% off submission fees (only applicable through Film Freeway) : ecufilmfestivalspecial50

To find out more, check out their Facebook page, as well as their site.

Saynora, ÉCU Followers!

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