This week we will be focusing on film director Gianfranco Rosi and his most recent achievement, prestigious Golden Lion award for the best film at the Venice Film Festival 2013 that he won with his documentary film Sacro GRA. An important fact to begin with is that the film was a first documentary to win this award in the entire history of the Venice Film Festival. By winning the award for the best film Rosi not only made a significance on Venice Film Festival itself but also brought increadible good news and national pride for Italy: his homeland has not won the Golden Lion for the last fifteen years.

Rosi poses with his cast during a red carpet for the movie "Sacro Gra" at the 70th Venice Film Festival

Gianfranco Rosi, an Italian-American film director is often described as one of the most interesting documentary filmmakers on the current film scene. His success did not come easy but was the result of long years of hard work and determination. Straight after graduating from film school in New York University, Gianfranco started his career in the industry while undertaking small roles within film production companies. There were several attempts by Rosi to be recognised in the major scene before. To mention few it is his documentaries Afterwords (2011) and Below Sea Level (2008). His previous films were given nominations such us Orizzonti Doc Award but never before managed to be graduated from the main competition of major film festivals. His recent masterpiece Sacro GRA was the one that brought him real success and recognition within the whole world of film.

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After receiving the award at the Venice Film Festival Sacro GRA was widely discussed in various media as being a surprise winner. Film itself stylistically is very different from those who triumphed in previous editions of the festival. Focused on the narrative and the idea of identity crisis that tried to be conveyed film pays less attention to its visual representation. Although mass media questions film’s status, the best-known film critics mostly describe film in a positive manner that suggests the film is truly exceptional and worth its great victory.

ÉCU is happy to see that various genres can win the main awards in the top film festivals of the world. Our team supports and welcomes filmmakers with different ideas and genre preferences; documentary filmmaking is one of them. To show support for documentary filmmakers from all over the world our festival also contains Documentary Film category. Details on this section you can find here.

Laura Matiukaite

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