The latest talk of the indie film scene is the release of ‘In Secret.’ Set in nineteenth century Paris, France ‘In Secret’ tells the story of a young girl who is forced by her domineering aunt to marry her sickly cousin whom she does not love. None other than the legendary actress Jessica Lange plays the role of the overbearing aunt. In honor of the films release, ÉCU spotlight decided to take a glimpse into the over forty years acting career of the incredible Jessica Lange.

king kongJessica Lange is an American actress who, even with her almost decade-long acting career, has successfully managed to stay relevant and true to her talent. Lange was born and raised in Minnesota. She was granted a scholarship to the University of Minnesota where she planned on studying art and painting. However, shortly after starting at the University she met Spanish photographer, Paco Grande and decided to leave college to start a bohemian lifestyle with him traveling around Mexico and Europe. While traveling, Paco and Lange drifted apart and Lange ended up in Paris, France. She spent two years here studying mime under famed instructor Etienne Decroux. She fell in love with Paris, as most of us do, and thought she would live here the rest of her life. However, opportunities arose for her to return to the Unites States and she moved to New York, modeling part-time for Wilhelmina agency and working as a waitress at Lion’s Head Tavern in Greenwich Village. Then, one day on the streets of New York City, fate intervened in the form of Hollywood producer Dino De Laurentiis. Laurentiis asked her if she would be interested in flying out to Hollywood to get screened for his upcoming film. With nothing to lose, Lange agreed. The role was leading lady in what is now considered an American classic, „King Kong„.

postmanWhen the film was released in 1976 it was a box-office hit and she earned her first award, a Golden Globe. Her most acclaimed roles since her debut include her role as Cora Smith alongside leading man Jack Nicholson in the 1981 remake of the French film noir, „The Postman Always Rings Twice„. As Cora, she was acclaimed for being naturally passionate on film and engrossing to viewers. She went on to portray the in-depth and psychotic role of Frances Farmer in 1981 film „Frances“ which earned her an Academy Award nominee. The same year Lange starred alongside Dustin Hoffman as Julie in „Tootsie„. She was the first actor in forty years to be nominated for two Academy Awards, in which she earned Best Supporting Actress for ‘Tootsie’. Not only has she graced the big screen but also the silver screen.
Lange is currently one of the main characters of the popular TV anthology on FX, American Horror Story. She has been in a total of thirty-three feature films and twelve TV series.

She has been awarded two academy awards 5 Golden Globes and 2 Primetime Emmys just to name a few. If you are not impressed already… she has also acted in theatre, is a published photographer and author as well as a mother of three and an active philanthropist.

jessica lange theatreJessica Lange has the talent to grab audiences of all ages. She picks roles to play that have inherent depth and then she adds her own raw and natural complexity. Lange is known for taking pride in playing such challenging psychological characters that really get into the mind of a character and test the normalcy of the human psyche. Good thing she does, because audiences cannot seem to get enough!
So if you are unfamiliar with Jessica Lange’s work (which can never be fully encompassed in just one article) or you have not yet seen ‘In Secret,’ ÉCU strongly encourages you to check both out and see for yourself why her and her talent enamors us.

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