Award Winners – ÉCU 2016

The Independent European Film Festival, Europe’s premier event for independent cinema, announces its 25 award winners for 2016. After screening, 77 films from 31 countries over the past 3 days it all comes down to one moment: the Award Ceremony. Films competed across 14 categories and were judged according to their quality, creativity, and independent spirit in […]

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Spotlight – Audrey Tautou

Cannes is just around the corner, and in honor of this year’s utterly adorable MC, this week’s SPOTLIGHT is none other than Audrey Tautou! The classic beauty is no stranger to the Cannes Film Festival and will make the perfect hostess for this year’s 2013 Cannes Film Festival opening and closing ceremonies.  The internationally known […]

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ÉCU Spotlight: Tarantino Unchained

As American screenwriter, producer, actor and film-director Quentin Tarantino finds himself in Paris for the French premiere of his latest film Django Unchained (2012), ÉCU thought it would be fitting to spotlight him this week as we eagerly await the movie’s arrival to our screens. Tarantino is an indie movie giant, and one who has […]

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Ludwig-265, directed by Oxana Vertinskaya, is competing in ECU 2010’s European Student Film category! Check out this teaser!

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