ÉCU goes to Athens!

ÉCU-On-The-Road continues its World-wide tour with a screening in Athens. ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival will be screening a selection of some of the best independent films from around the World in Athens, Greece from the 30th August to the 1st September, 2017. The screenings will take place at the XYTHPIO Theatre Art Café in the Gazi area of Athens and will start at 20.45 every night from Wednesday until Friday and will […]

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Spotlight – Yorgos Lanthimos

Français Our next spotlight filmmaker understands the value of quality over quantity. With only a handful of films under his belt yet dozens of awards and critical acclaim, Yorgos Lanthimos is one of the most talented filmmakers hailing from Greece. Lanthimos’ experience in directing began in the 90s when he directed a series of videos […]

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ÉCU-in-Athens, GREECE

This year ÉCU screened some of its films in Athens, Greece, on February 17th-19th. An incredible location in which we showcased some of the films that participated to previous editions of The European Independent Film Festival. 43 different films were screened during the event, from 17 different nationalities and among them 8 films were greek! […]

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ÉCU-on-the-Road – Athens, GREECE

The next stop on our ÉCU-on-the-Road tour is Athens, GREECE. Between February 17th to 19th we will be screening a selection of films from our previous editions, organize workshops, Q&A sessions and much more.

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Zwei neue Partner in Griechenland

Zwei neue Partner aus dem Heimatland von Odysseus… ÈCU freut sich zwei neue Festivalpartner aus Griechenland begrüßen zu dürfen: Das Olympia Internationale Filmfestival für Kinder und Jugendliche und Camera Zizanio – Das Europäische Treffen für Audiovisuelles Schaffen Junger Menschen. Das Olympia Internationale Filmfestival für Kinder und Jugendliche wurde 1997 gegründet und ist die einzige griechisch […]

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