„Blue Eyed Boy“ is a Non-European Dramatic Short film by Masoud Soheili and Amir masoud Soheili.   “Bola Cá, Bola Lá” is a Student film directed by Luis Sousa.   “The Cork Justifies The Means“ is an European Dramatic Short film directed by Mihai Ionescu.   „Zoe & Julie – Hidden Marks“ is an European […]

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Français   The sun, the smiles and so the summer is on in never-sleeping Paris. Little fun is always needed and of course as everyone else, our team enjoys getting some fresh air outside of the office. Still, the midsummer-the shortest night of the year has already passed and we are here to remind you guys […]

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Spotlight – Hayao Miyazaki

Français   Let’s cross the continent! This time, the Friday Spotlight is dedicated to a Japanese screenwriter, producer, film director, author and animator Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is also the co-founder of Ghibli Studio. The man who was born on January 5th, 1941, has attained international acclaim as a masterful storyteller and as a maker of anime […]

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ÉCU at MashRome Film Festival, ITALY

Français   ÉCU at MashRome Film Festival, Rome ITALY ÉCU’s partner festival MashRome Film Festival is the first film festival in Italy to showcase mash up, remix and experimental cinema. Their main focus is to contribute to the promotion of innovation and original works created through processes of renewal, growth and evolution of cinematographic language. Mixing […]

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ÉCU at Arkadia ShortFest, ROMANIA

Français   ÉCU at Arkadia ShortFest  ÉCU’s partner festival Arkadia ShortFest is young but already well-established international short film festival, taking place in Băicoi City, Prahova County, Romania. The first edition of Arkadia ShortFest took place in July 2014. The festival screened twenty-eight short films, hosted a workshop dedicated to film and organised an exhibition of […]

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Français   As The European Independent Film Festival, ÉCU never stops encouraging all independent filmmakers in every corner of the world. That’s why, this Friday Spotlight is about a man whose independent spirit leads him to a great success. Mark Ruffalo, whose bio on Twitter is «I’m a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change […]

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  Ausgedacht oder echt, Geschichten entstehen jeden Tag, und die Welt braucht immer eine gute Geschichte. Sei es von den Charakteren gesteuert, von der Handlung oder von was auch immer, ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival ist ständig auf der Suche nach den talentiertesten Geschichtenerzählern und Visionären, die ihre Geschichten in Realität umwandeln. Durch diese […]

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  Français   This Friday’s genre is animation! ÉCU wants to give the Spotlight to the creative and artistic man, the creator of the awesome masterpieces in the animation world like Kirikou et La Sorcière and Azur et Asmar, Michel Ocelot, who treats his works truly from his heart and soul! Michel Ocelot is a French […]

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Français   For ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, three days in Paris is just not enough. We love travelling around the world making sure our Official Selection filmmakers and films are known. This can best be achieved through promoting and screening the best indie films, so ÉCU will attend the Cannes Film Festival! Cannes Film Festival strives to encourage […]

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  Français   We can’t speak about film industry without taking Clint Eastwood into account! He was born on May 31th, 1930 in San Francisco, California. Before becoming the person he is now, he worked as a logger and truck driver. In 1950, he was called in by the Army Special Services while he met the […]

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Live interview with Brigitte Drodtloff, director of „HUMAN“, a film into European Dramatic Short category of ÉCU 2015′ Official Selection. Live interview with Sophie-Clémentine Dubois, director of „THE DANDELION“, a film into Comedy Films category of ÉCU 2015′ Official Selection. Live interview with Guillaume Levil, director of „THE ANKLET“, a film into European Dramatic Short […]

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Spotlight-George Miller

Français   Our next spotlight director is George Miller, director of both the MAD MAX franchise and creator of the popular children’s movies BABE and HAPPY FEET. Surprisingly, George started out as a doctor and spent his off time creating short experimental films. He actually raised the money to create MAD MAX by working as an […]

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Live at ÉCU 2015

Here are some moments during the festival: Awards Ceremony Q&A Directors Session 14 with  Javier Longobardo (Petite Salle) Q&A Directors Session 13 with Andy Wijckelsma (Petite Salle) Q&A Directors Session 12 with Richard Ledes (Petite Salle) Q&A Directors Session 11 Alice von Gwinner, Thomas Baerten, Luigi Abanto Varese (Grande Salle) Q&A Directors Session 10 Daniel Lecanda and Juan Lecanda, Nick Matthews, (Grande Salle) […]

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Award Winners – ÉCU 2015

The European Film Festival, Europe’s premier event for independent cinema, announces its 25 award-winners for 2015. After screening, 84 films from 32 countries over the past 3 days it all comes down to one moment: the Award Ceremony. Films competed across 14 categories and were judged according to their quality, creativity, and independent spirit in both form […]

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LIVE FROM ÉCU 2015 – Cinema Les 7 Parnassiens

Watch us live during ÉCU 2015 – The European Independent Film Festival at Les 7 Parnassiens.  Here are some moments that will be available live on our website: FRIDAY APRIL 10TH 7 PARNASSIENS 18:40 – 19:00 : VIP area 19:55 – 20:10 : Opening Night Speeches 21:22 – 22:00 : Opening Night Directors Q&A “The Dandelion” “Ambition” […]

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Spotlight – James Marsh

Français This spotlight follows the British director James Marsh, whose most recent film THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, which portrays the life of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, went on to impress both audiences and film critics alike. After graduating with an English degree from the University of Oxford, Marsh started his career by directing […]

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Women in Filmmaking

  Français Every year, ÉCU searches for different ways to honour some of the best independent films and its filmmakers. For the tenth edition of the festival, ÉCU has added a new award: Excellence in Women’s Filmmaking! Female filmmakers have always been underrepresented in the film industry. In the 87 editions of the Academy Awards, […]

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What to do in Paris in April

  Français ‘Drip, drip, drop little April shower beating a tune as you fall all around’ As it gets warm enough to crack open a baguette in the park bound forward like Bambi into the feast of cultural exploits awaiting you! ART Eric Rondepierre picks still photos from the history of glitches, from the decaying […]

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