Français   With August ending we all start to long for careless summer, as autumn is on the doorstep, quietly reminding about the work that has been postponed.  And yet the month of September promises a lot of new exciting things to do in Paris. Walking through the streets you notice that not only trees are […]

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August Newsletter Update

Suddenly summer is over again; without warning, you are delved into a crowded metro station with your rainy coat and a nostalgic look. Sure, summer may leave you nice and bronzed but there is so much to look forward in autumn – mornings will be golden and misty, falling leaves, an excuse for hot drinks… […]

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Douro Film Harvest

ÉCU’s recent partner, Douro Film Harvest is not like other film festivals. Held in the spectacular landscapes of Douro Wine Valley, Portugal, it has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage. Its uniqueness is given by the way the festival combines films with gastronomy, especially wine and music. Films are focused mainly on the […]

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Spotlight – Manoel de Oliveira

Born on the 12th of December 1908 in Oporto, Portugal, Manoel Candido Pinto de Oliveira is currently the oldest movie director in action. Even though he wanted to become an actor when he was younger, his dreams eventually changed and he made his first film, “Douro, Faina Fluvial” when he was 23. This was a […]

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Festival de Cinema de Avanca 2011

Since its debut in 1997, the “International Meetings in Cinema, Television, Vídeo and Multimédia – AVANCA ’11″ festival has steadily grown in audience turnout and its number of film submissions. Avanca has also succeeded in becoming the largest audiovisuals workshop space in Europe in the past 15 years. This year, Avanca invited ÉCU Festival Manager […]

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Avanca Filmfestival 2011

AVANCA Filmfestival 2011 Seit seinem Beginn im Jahr 1997, wuchs das “International Meetings in Cinema, Television, Vídeo and Multimédia – AVANCA ’11″ Festival beständig bezüglich seiner Publikumszahl und der Filmeinreichungen an. Avanca wurde während der letzten 15 Jahre ebenfalls erfolgreich als einer der größten audiovisuellen Workshops Europas bekannt. Jedes Jahr kommen Kinofans und Professionelle von […]

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