It is hard to believe, but the first month of summer has already finished though it seems that Paris is only starting to warm up. All Parisians and the city guests are just going crazy about the summer sales here. If you were not caught by this shopping fever and have some energy left then here‘s a list of what to do and see in Paris in July.


As a film festival, of course our first suggestions are Paris film events and July seems to be a really busy month.

festival paris cinemaCelebrating the 12th edition, Paris Cinema Festival will open its doors on July 5th at the Gaumont Opéra Capucines rolling out the red carpet for its premieres. Aside from the very fresh film selection from this year’s Cannes Film Festival, restored film classics, and a wide range of French cinema, the festival will also invite its guests to join a free-entry open-air screening on the site of the Seine River banks (Berges de Seine). More information and a full list of events:

cinema en plein airLater on this month starting July 23rd, open-air screening fans will move to the Parc de la Villette to gather at the 24th edition of a month long film festival named “Cinema en Plein Air“. This year the festival focuses on an international selection of films devoted to the topic of adolescence. The free-entry program contains various films from the classic Stanley Kubrick’s “Lolita“, to Wes Anderson’s almost fairy-tale-like romantic story “Moonrise kingdom“ and the French dreamer Michel Gondry’s “The We and The I“. For the full program, please check:

LE TEMPS D' UN SOIR, L' OLYMPIA SE TRANSFORME EN DORTOIR GEANT PEver wanted to get into a bed with 3 of your friends? For those of you who are just too lazy to prepare your picnic baskets and go to the park, there is a special opportunity to participate in an event inpyjamas (optional) and see a movie without getting out of bed.  From June 30th to July 12th, BHV MARAIS are arranging an event called “Bedroom“ during which their Observatoire will be transformed into a slumber party cinema. This lottery is a good chance for you and three of your friends to win a cocktail and a film screening in a cozy bed. To participate in a lottery, follow this link:


In July, music events will not only please your ears, but will also help you to explore more parts of Paris.

petit bainIf you get a bit tired from the center of Paris, you have a great change to pay a visit to Bercy Village and see its white stone warehouses and beautiful terraces. For the second edition of their event named Petit Bain, Bercy Village arranges a floating scene right on the banks of Seine beside the National Library of France. During these events that will be held until the end of the summer, the audience will be able to enjoy different ethnic and modern music varying from gypsy music to electro-pop. Concerts will be held each Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30. For a full program, please check:

scenes d'eteIf there is not enough music for you just on the weekdays, you can also enjoy it on weekends for absolutely free. Worldmusic admirers will be gathering at Parc de la Villete for 6 weekends in a row starting from July 5th. The third edition of festival „Scènes d’été“ (Summer scenes) will not only present music from different countries, but also will arrange various craft and cooking workshops, visual arts, and dance lessons. See you there every Saturday and Sunday right until August 24th. A full program:

paris jazz festivalFor those of you who just can‘t calmly sit at concerts and want to join the rhythm and take some instruments into your own hands, we suggest visiting “The garden of all discoveries“, which is a part of Paris Jazz Festival 2014. Besides all the great concerts that the festival has prepared for this year, audiences will have an opportunity to discover a world of musical games that offer personal explorations through music and sounds. Percussion master Emmanuel Brun initiates the workshops that will take place in the Allée des pins near the Restaurant Le Bosquet every Saturday and Sunday. More information:


When they said that size matters, they obviously did not mean the museums. Though all the major museums in Paris are really a must see, some of the smaller museums might be just as amazing for their visitors.

This month, our eye was caught by two museums that are often unfairly missed by city guests.

maison rougeThe first is “La maison rouge” foundation, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. For this occasion, the visitors are presented with the opportunity to explore a wider selection of museums founders, private art collectors, and active figures on the French art scene with Antoine de Galbert’s personal collection. The selection presents 1,200 pieces of modern and contemporary art by 800 artists of different ages and nationalities. You will find more useful information on:

raw visionJust beside the Sacre Coeur cathedral facing the gardens of Montmartre, stands the Halle Saint Pierre museum, which houses a museum and a gallery, a library, an auditorium, and a cafe. For almost a year, the gallery has been presenting an exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Anglo-Saxon magazine “Raw Vision“. We suggest not missing an opportunity to enjoy the last days of the exhibition, which presents over 400 works by more than 80 artists from all over the World. Full list of artists and additional information on: 


shakespeare & companyIf you still have not visited one of the oldest and the most bohemian spots in Paris, this July is the perfect time to do so. Just on the opposite side of the Seine across from the Notre Dame cathedral, you will find a bookstore “Shakespeare and Company”, whose walls can still recall such great writers like William S. Burroughs, Henry Miller or Anaïs Nin. This is not just a really authentic place but the bookstore also organizes various events such as book discussions and meetings with authors for all the literature lovers. This month in collaboration with famous NYU “Shakespeare and Company” presents series of meetings with different authors, all members of NYU creative writing faculty. Authors will give their personal reflections on their favorite literature and from their own experience share some tips on the creative writing. For the full list of events, please visit the official website:


wolrd cupThough France is usually known as a nation that really likes going to the streets to protest, this time it’s not the protests that bring thousands of euphoric people to the streets of Paris. From June 12th until July 13th, Paris is living strictly according to the timetable of football matches. So don’t be surprised if your favorite bakery is closed during usual working hours – they have probably just left to the Hotel de Ville square to see the game. If you’re also caught up by this Brazilian World Cup fever, join them there to see every match on a huge screen with thousands of other football fans.

tour de franceNever enough sports for you? Then you probably already know that the 101st edition of the Tour de France starts on the 5th of July. During this 21 stage race with a total of 3656 km, the cyclists will not part with their bicycles until July 27th, when you can personally greet them at the finish line on the Champs-Elysées. More information:


quartier d'eteIf you crave magical theatre, dance, music and circus performances “Quartier d’Ete” is definitely a must-see event for you. For its 25th edition, this annual festival prepared more than 150 performances by artists from France, Spain, Austria, USA and Afghanistan. The event will be held from July 14th until August 15th in more than 40 places across Paris. For a full festival program, please check:

Les Etés de la DanseOne of the better-known Parisian festivals, “Les Etés de la Danse”, is also celebrating its anniversary this year. Each year, the festival invites one of the World’s most famous dance companies to make exceptional performances ranging from classical ballet to modern dance. Back in 2005, the renowned San Francisco Ballet dance company opened the festival, and this year, they are back for the 10th edition of the festival. From July 10-26th, the audience will have a chance to see 18 performances by one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the USA. If you’re not just an admirer of dance art but a professional or semi-professional from age of 12 and up, you are also welcome to open classes and screenings that the festival has prepared. For more information, visit: 


bastille day fireworksLike each year on the 14th of July all of France will be celebrating its National day or the Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789.  Some of the biggest events will be held in Paris – the place where all these historical events happened.

Usually, celebrations start on July 13th with a giant dance ball by the Place de Bastille – a place where the Bastille prison used to stand. The theme of this event is different every year, but live music is always guaranteed.

The Firemen’s Ball is another traditional event for this occasion, which began back in 1937 when Sergeant Cournet first had an idea for opening firehouse doors to the public. Ever since then, these events became one of the Bastille Day traditions when firemen prepare firecrackers and flares to arrange a fire simulation, and then of course everybody goes dancing. This year, the event will take place on July 12-14th. For the exact schedule, please follow:

The grand celebration on the 14th of July usually starts with a military parade on Champs-Elysées from l’Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde. The parade is followed by a greeting speech from the President of France.

The celebration will be officially finished at 23:00 with now almost legendary fireworks, which this year for the first time, will be shot straight from the Eiffel tower. Before the fireworks at 21:30, the audience will be able to enjoy some classical music performed by the Orchestre National de France and some of the most renowned singers of today. Of course, all of the events and fun in the city will not stop after official closing ceremony,and the last sound of laughter won’t fall silent until dawn. For more of the events, please see the official website of Paris municipality:

So it seems that this July will be quite a busy month, but we will surely try to see as much as we can. Hope this information will help you to schedule your personal event calendar. Enjoy your summer in Paris and see you at the events!

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