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So the summer has started, it’s the time of ice cream, outdoor festivals, picnics in the park and…rain? Yeah, it’s miserable here in Paris but that doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable too.  There’s plenty to do in Paris, and even if events are a bit muddy, you can have a great time. Take my word on it, I’m an intern from England: the land of eternal rain and cold. I’ve squelched through the filth of a festival and believe me, this month in Paris is a lot classier than what’s available in England.

Afropunk Festival Paris 2016 – 3rd June – 6th June – Le Trianon

vendredi-03-juin-2016-festival-afro-house-funk-hiphop-jazz-soul-paris-afropunk-festival-paris-2016ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival – loves to celebrate people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This is one of the first coolest festivals of the month with acts like Lizzo, Cakes Da Killa, Carving, Angel Haze performing. After two sold out nights in Paris just last year, the festival again promises to be a unique experience at the renowned and beautiful Le Trianon located in the heart of Paris. It will also be a cultural experience with food, live painting by local artists, and an acoustic stage with activities happening before and after the festival as well.

Parcours Saint-Germain – 10th June – 19th June

151287-le-parcours-saint-germain-2015Contemporary art is coming to Saint-Germain. Created in 2000, the area was crying out for a breath of fresh air for its cultural life. Over 10 days, contemporary art will pop up in the well-known spots of the area such as luxury boutiques, hotels, cafés, restaurants and squares. With the support of the 6th arrondissement town hall, the event will have its sixteenth? Edition this year with the theme of ‘No limits: From object to artwork’ to alter our perceptions of everyday objects. This was inspired by the work of Marcel Duchamp and later New Realists, in particular Duchamp’s famous Fountain, a urinal that he submitted for exhibition by the Society of Independent Artists exhibition in 1917, but was rejected. The event will therefore explore the relationship between manufacturing and creativity, between work and a work of art, between the useful and the useless.

Santigold – 13th June – Le Trianon

SANTIGOLD-WE-BUY-GOLD-TOUR_3312153984495713514Again at the Trianon, Santi White, better known by her stage name Santigold, is an American singer and producer who will be gracing us with her presence in Paris. Her music has a diverse range of influences including the soul of Aretha Franklin and she provides some of the coolest tunes around.  In February, she released her third album 99ȼ, which provides a great follow-up to her genre blending debut album, Santogold, and polished second album, Master of My Make-Believe. She is definitely one of the hottest musicians out there with cutting-edge beats and a fierce sense of style and self. Even her latest video for the song “Can’t Get Enough of Myself”, lets you explore Santigold’s critique on our selfie-obsessed culture by giving the viewer the opportunity to put themselves in the video! Santigold consistently creates innovative pop songs, but just out of the glare of the mainstream’s spotlight, so don’t miss out!

UEFA European Championship 2016 – 10th June – 10th July

Euro-2016-Logo-300For all you sport lovers, specifically football supporters, one of the most anticipated sporting events will take place in the French capital. Even if you’re not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to cheering on the footie, the championship is always a great event to experience as it brings together all the top teams of Europe in a lively atmosphere of revelry and competition. I come from a football family so rather than despair, I’ve found that it’s easier to embrace the team spirit, chant with the crowd, all while consuming the greasiest grub. You might find yourself having fun and bonus: knowledge of big sporting events is always useful for your favourite pub quiz!

Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes – 18th June – 17 September – Château de Versailles

chateau-de-versailles-spectacles-feu-d-artifice-cthierrynavagroupefAll year round, millions head to the Château de Versailles to admire the Château and its beautiful grounds. With a rich and fascinating history, visiting the historic seat of power for Louis XIV, is a trip to remember forever. However, during the summer, the Château can make your visit even more magical with a spellbinding water fountain display. Every Saturday from 20h30, the Château uses a mix of water, music and fireworks to create a truly magnificent display for visitors and evoke the opulent shows of the Sun King himself.





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