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“This Festival attracts a crazed bunch of misfits, visionaries – and terribly creative people.”

- Scott Hillier, President of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival.

ÉCU 2017  TEAM
Scott Hillier Giedre Bumbulyte Rachele Ciulli Saffy Mirghani
Amelia Underwood Rena Iizawa Felix Trench Agnese Tomba
Carolina Simbaqueba Alison Shafer Kate Kennelly Laura Murphy
Patrizia Canziani Andrea Brixius William Swinburne Nina Petit
Casey Burgess Ashley Siyu Tang Anastasia Akerman Antonis Lagarias
Molly Bookner Ying Zhang Danielle Hillman Elliot Laker
Julia Hoelzle Audrey Williams Regina Henderson Lottie Paul
Daljinder Johal Sylvain Seguy AJ Lloyd Amy Ni
Dara Kim Temenuga Trifonova Patryk Bukalski Xingyu Zhou
Samara Jundi Sarah Lee Marissa Mark Salome Jishkariani
Austėja Gaputytė James Nowell Karishma Doll Thomas Bachelet
Jemma Thornbury Korinah Sodahlon Iris Liu Surya Dev Singh
Lindsay Roche Helena Fitzgerald Rachel Haynes Rowan Twine
Kadi Laine Bella Eadie Steffi Marquet Giulia Rovida
Rachel Waiganjo Elisa Le Guenne Stephanie Root


Do you have a lot of ideas and you’re not sure how to make them come true? Look no further. Here at ÉCU we are looking for creative people who also know how to have fun.

Do you love films and want to spend your life making them? Check, we’ve got it. Perhaps you love writing and you’re simply looking for an opportunity to write some more? Check. Maybe you’re more into marketing and social media secrets – check, check check. We’ve got it all.

If you want to dedicate your time to one of the biggest independent film festivals in Europe, we offer you an unpaid internship that will give you a great learning experience, fantastic networking opportunities and mind-blowing references. ÉCU had over 300 interns from more than 40 countries within the last 12 years, some of which have moved on to become film producers, journalists, production managers, and skilled team players in international film festivals. One alumnus even started her own festival! Working hours are flexible and initiatives are welcome, but we are looking for solid commitment to ensure the success of the festival.

If you want to apply to this crazy rollercoaster ride, please fill in the volunteer form here.



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