It’s that time of the year again and filmmakers from all over the world are already daydreaming about 10 days full of glamour, socializing, and the possibility of showing their work to industry professionals. During all of the buzz around Cannes, it’s easy to forget some essential things- but don’t worry! The ÉCU team will let you know if you’re really prepared for your trip. Did you…

  • Pack a glamorous dress or suit? Be honest: the chances you may hit the red carpet are never as high as during Cannes. So always  be prepared for a bit of spotlight!
  • Remember a jacket? Now that you’re thinking about your red-carpet look, we have to remind you that even though the days are warm in May, the temperatures drop at night. We don’t want you to catch a cold!
  • Set your alarm? We know it’s tempting to stay out all night hopping from party to party, but make sure you are ready to wake up early in the morning to snag tickets for the screenings you want to see.
  • Do your research? If you adopt the relaxed coastal attitude, you might miss the main screening you were excited for. Don’t worry, many films are shown multiple times at the festival.
  • Bring along proof of your industry credentials? You will need these if you’re looking for access to festival spaces and events. Anyone can say they work in the industry, so you better have official documentation to show!
  • Prepare your elevator pitch? With all the glamour and excitement Cannes has to offer, it’s easy to forget the actual purpose of your visit. In order to make valuable connections in a sea of successful filmmakers, it’s best to prepare a quick and attention-grabbing explanation of your film before the next guy jumps in! Be prepared. Don’t lose this opportunity.
  • Make your business cards? If you raised some interest in your project, you should have cards with your contact information ready to hand out. Exchange cards so you can follow up after the festival is over!
  • Check out the short film corner? This is a busy area where you’ll find lots of other filmmakers. It’s a great place to see the projects people are working on and meet the people behind them.
  • Remember to keep your eyes open? It’s Cannes! Whatever you see can inspire you if you let it.

If you can’t come to Cannes, we’ll take you with us! Just follow our facebook, twitter, and tumblr for updates throughout the week!

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