It’s Sunday morning. I walk into Les 7 Parnassiens and see Sarah, ÉCU jury coordinator and all around most important person at the festival.

It’s 10h30.

“What time did you get home last night?”

“Around 4h00.”

Well that’s not surprising. I left at 1h30 and am halfway through my extra large Americano. I feel old. But then,

“You guys missed it! At about 4h00 last night Mike Beck dragged Philomene on stage. You know Mike from Access Film Music, and Philomene the intern whose laugh is an infectious recipe for walking on air? Well he brought her up there and they burst into spontaneous song. She was like Aretha Franklin, I kid you not. It was crazy!”

So it’s not an age thing. That was Scott.

Julia, one of our Italian interns, is shocked at the lack of sleep that more or less half of our team is experiencing.

“How do you do it?”

“Well, I was having fun.”

She’s right. The day two after party at Les Voutes Saint Paul can only be summed up as a damn good time. If that doesn’t suit you, then it was a hundred plus uniquely imaginative people, gathering in an explosion of language in an underground, carpeted labyrinth, forced to duck low as they turned corners into rooms filled with DJS, bands, and beer, in order to avoid hitting the low stone ceilings.

I still have debris on my jacket.

And if there was a fire I’m not sure how we would have survived.

Les Voutes Saint Paul was literally, a cave. Which was slightly ironic considering the last film we screened on Saturday night was “Cavedigger”, a documentary about an American artist who turns ordinary caves into complete works of art.

Maybe I was the only one amused at the simple association. And maybe that’s why Jara, one of our social media gurus, asked,

“Cat can you write about the after party?”

I look at her and smile, but my eyes try to say,

“Jara, I spent all night at the bar talking. I have nothing to write unless you want me to discuss the lack of nationalism in Italy, conventional art, or the modest beauty of sound.”

She holds my gaze. I guess I’ll write about those things later.

I do remember this:

Directors and interns, Godfathers and sponsors, even a small child, singing and clapping to the outstanding performance of “The Gift”, the both enthusiastic and colourful rock band from Portugal.

During their performance Margaux was making a music video and Scott and Kadi were dancing wildly in the front row.

Soon after, Vibha scolded me for being next to chips and not eating them. A mistake I’ll never make again.

But mostly, I remember feeling happy.

I remember feeling like I was exactly where I was suppose to be, and that these moments, experienced in this cave, were ones that took six months of hard work to create. They were moments that we’d never have again.

And then I remembered, party three is tonight!

– Cat


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