April is easily shaping up to be one of the nicest months Paris has seen, but that doesn’t mean we have come out of our post-festival depression just yet!

The 2013 European Independent Film Festival was one of the most incredible events of the year and the entire ÉCU staff is more than grateful for everyone who made it so.  The weekend was unforgettable, with 108 films screened and over 3,000 participants.  3,000!  Our three cinemas were filled with filmmakers, producers, directors, students, and cinemagoers eager to watch the best independent films from around the globe.

35 countries were represented at ÉCU 2013 and films were divided into 17 categories, ranging from “Best European Independent Film” to “Best Cinematography.”  Our award ceremony was full of excitement and anticipation, even furthered by the presence of several Official Selection filmmakers.  If you missed our winners, click here for the entire list!

Our staff was kept super busy during festival weekend with live tweeting, Facebooking, and ÉCU’s 2013 Live Blog that captured a firsthand account of everything that happened throughout the festival weekend.  With so many filmmakers in attendance we were able to score exclusive interviews with producers and directors, like this one with American Courtesans’ Kristen DiAngelo.

As for the rest of the weekend, don’t even get us started on the afterparties!  We chatted and sipped champagne on Friday at Sitatunga Lounge, chilled in the caverns at Les Voutes Saint-Paul on Saturday night, and danced till we dropped on Sunday night while cruising down the Seine.  Every night was accompanied by awesome musical guests such as The Gift, Andy Frasco, Mike Beck, Bona Fide Genius, and Kristin Shey.  Videos and photos were snapped all weekend…check them out and see what went on, you might even catch a glimpse of yourself!

Now that the 2013 festival has come to an end, we are catching up on the Catalan indie scene and getting to know our favorite independent film actors a little bit better, like Jennifer Lawrence. Not to mention enjoying the beautiful weather that Paris is so kindly giving us!  We are keeping busy with the best outdoor activities, like the ones listed here.

More exciting than anything else, ÉCU is gearing up for Festival de Cannes, also known as the Cannes Film Festival!  We are looking forward to seeing Audrey Tautou open up the 2013 ceremony, and we are hoping to see you there as well!

Get ready for sun, sand, surf, and films!



ÉCU Team



By Ally Oberrotman

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