The sun is bona fide out here in Paris; spring feels officially underway. It’s about time the City of Lights got a little warmth after the brouhaha that was the 2016 ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Our 11th edition is officially done and won. Over half of our winning directors were in show, flying across waters as near as the UK and as far as the States to celebrate Closing Night; a fabulous Skype rendezvous was in motion for those who couldn’t. And we can’t forget our winners for our Much More Than A Script Competition screenwriting contest – both of whom came to town from Romania and Austria to join the festivities. A big thanks to all who came and brought their own magic to ÉCU’s take over of the Cinéma Les 7 Parnassiens.

This year’s ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival gunned off with our Opening Night selections bringing pit-of-the-belly laughs and throat clogging emotionality all in the same breath. It all wrapped up with a celebration gliding along the Seine with our wrap party on a boat, flâner-ing about with wine and good vibes to warm the chilly night. Now it’s onwards to ÉCU 2017! Good cinema, good wine, and good vibes from the ÉCU family to yours.

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