anwar picA SHORT GUIDE TO RE-ENTRY (United Kingdom)
European Dramatic Short
Saturday morning / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 11:51

Anwar Boulifa is a filmmaker who began documentaries having worked for the BBC, C4. ‘A Short Guide To Re-entry’ is his first short film and was shot with a mainly non-professional cast using improvisation to heighten the sense of realism to the drama.



Director Omri Burstyn BWAT DAWN (Israel)
Student Film
Saturday night / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 13:57

Omri Burstyn was born in Israel in 1985. He graduated from The Sam Spiegel Film school in 2014. In his youth, Omri was politically involved in human rights and peace movements and worked as a counselor in a youth group. His diploma film “At Dawn” is a reflection on these experiences.

Ali Raheem PICBALANJA (Iraq)
Arab Special Section
Sunday afternoon / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 14:21

Ali Raheem was born in 1988 in Baghdad,­ Iraq. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Cinema in 2010, he began working as film editor and editor in several local and Arab satellite TV film projects. Wrong, Paradise Green, Screenplay, was set up last his documentary “by balanja.” Ali now works for the benefit of the Iraqi Independent Film Center.

258023_10150673965060105_753420_oBOX (Norway)
Student Film
Saturday morning / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 11:18


Mathias Askeland is a director from Oslo, Norway, currently working both in Norway and London. In 2012 he moved to London and became a part of the MA Filmmaking course at the London Film School. In 2015 he finished his master’s degree, graduating with an MA in directing.


Non-European Dramatic Feature
Saturday morning / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 11:31

Rob Gordon Bralver is an award winning and critically acclaimed independent filmmaker. His documentaries (Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton,  Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story, Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia) have played at festivals including SXSW, Tribeca, IDFA, BFI London, LAFF,  and many more worldwide. These films have featured a broad and diverse array of luminaries across politics and the arts including Common, Kanye West, Questlove, Mike D, Ben Harper, Josh Homme, Gore Vidal, and Christopher Hitchens. His narrative debut For All Eyes Always stars Lynn Whitfield, Saïd Taghmaoui, and Sean Astin. Bralver is a co-founder of the production collective Gatling Pictures and the emerging digital platform General Industries Network. He is 28 years old and based in Los Angeles and New York.

roman hillGENESIS (USA)
Experimental Film
Opening Night / April 8th / 7 Parnassiens, 21:33
Revisiting Saturday morning / April 9th / Le Lincoln, 11:48

Roman Hill is a young French young audiovisual artist based in the San Francisco bay area. He started working with chemical reactions and fluid dynamics a year ago with his Torsion and Origins photographic series. Genesis is his first film.

European Dramatic Short
Saturday morning / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 12:06

After 2 years of film studies, during which he was able to make a short film, Nicolas Berry did some editing in missions for a local chain, and made a short film that was selected to Deaf Film Festival Montpellier.

Non-European Dramatic Short
Saturday afternoon / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 14:29

Garreth Stover has worked for over twenty eight years as a production designer in feature film, television and commercials. Ten years ago Mr. Stover began working also as a second unit director as well and has recently been directing episodes of television. He most recently finished directing his third episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Non-European Dramatic Short
Saturday afternoon / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 16:19

Felipe Rodriguez has a background of 15 years in the film industry. His notable credits include his work as cinematographer on the Award-winning documentary “Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary” and the thought-provoking “Memories of a Dreamer”. He makes his feature film directorial debut with “Kidnap Capital”.

my guardian angelMY GUARDIAN ANGEL (USA)
Non-European Dramatic Short
Sunday night / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 20:12

Judy Phu grew up the oldest child of Vietnamese war refugees, her imagination and senses sharpened by the residue of their trauma and journeys. Judy is also an award winning cinematographer based in Los Angeles, who sometimes directs.

On her own since the age of 12, Cheyanne Kane’s extraordinary background inspires a unique passion…exposing raw human emotions and existential realities.  Her filmmaking leaves a deeply organic impression, inspiring us to re-think the world in which we live.

TerryPATRICK’S DAY (Ireland)
European Dramatic Feature
Saturday night / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 20:15

Terry McMahon is an Irish director, producer, writer and actor, best known for his roles in Batman Begins and Patrick’s Day. McMahon was producer, director and writer for Patrick’s Day for which he received many awards including 2015 Irish Film and Television Awards, 9 nominations.

martin_smatana_photoROSSO PAPAVERO (Slovakia)
Animated Film
Opening night / April 8th / 7 Parnassiens, 20:15
Revisiting Saturday morning / April 9th / Le Lincoln, 10:30

Martin Smatana was born in 1991 in Zilina, Slovakia. He has been studying Animation at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and worked in Nukufilm Studio in Tallinn, Estonia and at a Private Art School LADON in Bratislava as a lecturer of animation. His debut animated short “Rosso Papavero“ has been premiered at Berlinale 2015 Generation Kplus. He is currently preparing the next short film “The Kite“.

Matteo GentilioniSEMILIBERI (Italy)
Student Film
Saturday morning / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 12:15

Matteo Gentiloni (Rome, March 21 1992).  At 18 he starts working as production assistant on Italian and International movie sets and commercials. In 2011 he attended the History of art B.A. at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich, Germany and then the three years course of directing (2013-2015) at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, Italy. As director of shortfilms: Semiliberi, 2015; La banda del catering, 2015; Il suo ragazzo, 2016 (graduation work). As production assistant on movies set: One day this pain will be helpful to you by R. Faenza, Posti in piedi in paradiso by C. Verdone, Una famiglia perfetta by P. Genovese. As production assistant for commercials: Gucci Guilty by F. Miller, Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto by Nicolas Vinding Refn, Smart elephant by T. Singh,Borotalco by D. Luchetti.


Comedy Film
Saturday afternoon / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 16:50


Michael Geoghegan is a writer and director based in London. His career launched with an award-winning 1985 directorial debut, Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” music video. From there, Geoghegan went on to direct countless advertisements, and began experimenting with short films.  He has written and directed three short films to date: “The Immaculate Misconception,” which will be screening the second day of the festival, “The Homeless Polar Bear” (2012) and “A to Z: The Life Cycle of a Car” (1997).


Non-European Dramatic Short
Saturday night / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 20:03

Director/Writer/Producer Justin Berardi is a filmmaker based in Venice, California.  As a graduate of Dartmouth College, he studied psychology and film prior to being awarded an opportunity to work in the Los Angeles entertainment industry by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Since then, his career has brought him to Disney Studios, GK Films, and the licensing & branding agency Visual Icon, where he currently serves as Creative Director.  His professional experience spans development, production, marketing, publicity and advertising.  In his spare time, he enjoys a healthy mix of thinking, feeling and surfing.

Edouard de La Poëze #4THE SESSION (France)
European Dramatic Short
Opening night / April 8th / 7 Parnassiens, 20:50
Revisiting Saturday morning / April 9th / Le Lincoln, 11:05

Edouard de La Poëze began writing scenarios whilst living in England three years ago. Steeped in mystery and ambiguity, “The Session” is his first short film in which he showcases his love of disturbing and surreal atmospheres.

Non-European Documentary
Sunday afternoon / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 14:05

Betsy Haley Hershey is an award winning documentary filmmaker and indie pop singer ( based in NY. Her short documentary “Today is the Day” is making its world premiere at the 2016 European Independent Film Festival.

UNTIL 20 (USA)jamila until 20 Non-European Documentary
Sunday morning / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 12:08


Jamila Paksima is a two-time Emmy Award nominee and an independent documentary filmmaker, video director, and journalist. Some of her awards include three prestigious Webby Awards, a RFK Journalism 1st Prize in Domestic Television Broadcast, the CINE Golden Eagle and the OMMA Awards for Best Medical Animation Series.

geraldine until 20

Geraldine Moriba is a five-time Emmy award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is currently an executive producer with CNN’s original program development team and the vice president of diversity and inclusion for CNN Worldwide. Prior to that, she served as the executiv e producer of the highly acclaimed CNN documentary series In America. She has also worked at NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News and CBC Radio.


VANITAS (Belgium)
European Dramatic Feature
Saturday afternoon / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 17:46

Oscar Spierenburg (1981) grew up in Spaarndam (The Netherlands) and moved to Belgium when he was 26. He is a painter as well as an autodidactic director. He strongly believes in the principle of ‘learning while working’ and has always found this to be true for his career particularly. He has taught himself how to paint and direct and has proved his skills with the short film “The Spring of César”, which led to quite a few prestigious screenings and nominations. This success was of course a motivation to continue on to something bigger. “Vanitas” is Oscar’s first feature length film. Alongside working as a director, he owns an art gallery in the center of Antwerp.

maxresdefault (2)WHILE YOU WERE AWAY (UK)
Comedy Film
Opening Night / April 8th / 7 Parnassiens, 20:20
Revisiting Saturday morning / April 9th / Le Lincoln, 10:35

Ben Mallaby is a BAFTA nominated director of shorts and commercials. His BAFTA nominated short film ‘Island Queen’ also won the Best Comedy award at the European Independent Film Festival, ‘Battlecock!’ which was financed by Film London premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and his latest film ‘Milk!’ won an audience award at Leeds International Film Festival. He is on Hoot Commercials roster of Comedy Director’s for commercials and is represented by Rob Kraitt at Casarotto for Film and TV.


artificial-david-perez-sadunoARTIFICIAL (Spain)
European Dramatic Short
Saturday morning / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 12:26

A graduate in Audiovisual Communication from Madrid’s Carlos III University, David P. Sañudo spent time in Università di Roma III (Italy) and Middlebury College (USA) and holds a Master in Cinematographic Direction from the ESCAC. After several short films during his student days, in 2010 he directed its first short film on 35mm, Indirizzo. To date, this short film has been part of the Official Section of the Malaga Film Festival, the Sitges Festival (Nova Autoría Section), the Zaragoza Film Festival and the Montevideo Film Schools Festival, as well as being a finalist in the FNAC short film new talent awards 2012. Within the cinema industry, he also works on directing teams, production teams (The Cold Light of Day), and directed the “making of” of Sueño y silencio (Jaime Rosales), filmed in Paris and the Delta del Ebro (Spain). In 2013 he directed the short film Agur, starring Fernando Albizu, which won 8 awards and more than 30 selections.

bideBIDE (UK)
Student Film
Sunday morning / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 12:00

Growing up in Suffolk, England, by the age of 18, Dominic Read was commissioned for the documentary work, produce numerous music videos, and held his first video installation exhibition. Read then moved to London to study digital film production at Ravensbourne University, where he has so far directed two short films, “Hard Work”, selected for Screentest National Student Film Awards, and “BIDE”, the only student film selected for ECU 2016 from the UK.

maximeDARIO MARTINI (France)
European Dramatic Short
Saturday afternoon / April 9th / 7 Parnassiens, 14:42

Ever since he was a kid, Maxime Mallet has always been passionate about cinema. 
He started as an actor by attending the Claude Mathieu School of Drama and followed courses with Jean-Laurent Cochet in Paris. Then, he continued to study and further his theatrical techniques and repertoire as an actor through the Drama Center, familiar with the Actor’s Studio’s techniques, and finally stage clown scene work with the Self Retorik Company. Maxime Mallet also wrote and starred in many Parisian open stages, playing the part of various burlesque characters, and has also directed a series of Jean Yanne’s sketches and pieces in Paris and Avignon during the Summer Festival, in which he also starred. Otherwise he co-directed and co-wrote Bien Clair Entre Nous, a web series available on you tube. Apart from this, Maxime Mallet also attended screenwriting workshops and master classes held by award-winning personalities such as John Truby and Radu Mihaileanu. He started to write Dario Martini in October 2014, attempting his first short film as a director. 


Director's photo_019LITTLE GANDHI (Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, USA)
Arab Special Section
Sunday morning / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 14:08

Sam Kadi is an award winning Syrian-American writer/director best known for his critically acclaimed feature drama, “THE CITIZEN,” which was named among the “Best 10 Films of 2013″ by Kadi was invited to speak about human rights issues through films before the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands in June 2012.

maidaRED – JADUDAH (Norway)
Music video
Sunday afternoon / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens, 15:40

Maida Hals makes short feel-good documentaries and visually strong music vidoes. Currently she is also exploring fiction, directing a short fiction and writing a feature –trying to combine the best from the worlds of documentary and music videos.

Director photo 1PUT DOWN  (UK)
European Dramatic Short
Friday night / April 8th / 21:23


Rick Limentani is a Cambridge University graduate who, after an on-again/off-again career as a business consultant, went to film school in Paris. He has written and directed several short films, plays and unproduced feature scripts.  Highlights of his career include winning 1st Prize at the London City Film Festival for his previous short film, Gemalogia, doing a four week run at London’s prestigious fringe theatre, the Arcola, with his first play Freedom, and winning the IMDb Script to Screen Award for this, his latest short, Put Down.

rsz_maman_and_the_ocea_dir_-_wagnerMAMAN AND THE OCEAN (GERMANY)
Student Film
Sunday Morning / April 10th / 11:21


David Wagner Born in Vienna in 1982, David Wagner found his way into the Film-Industry in his early 20ies via photography and the passionate shooting of shortfilms with his friends. Since 2008, he worked on various commercials, music videos and short films as director and cinematographer. Davis also worked as personal assistant of the Academy Award winning Stefan Ruzowitzky, shot several documentaries abroad and finally made his decision to set his sole focus on directing.

rsz_director_-_sam_southward_photo (1)AFTER THE END (UK)
Animated Film
Sunday Afternoon / April 10th / 7 Parnassiens 16:07


Sam Southward is a London born director, screenwriter and animator. He is know for his distinct character design and the combination of live action and CG techniques that he uses to tell stories. Professionally he has worked on a wide variety of projects from films and commercials to computer games and performance pieces. A common thread in Sam’s work is his sense of humour and the way he uses it tackle poignant subject matter and create immersive worlds.

















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