Cannes Day 6: Marina

One of the best experiences of my life just ended and it’s time to come back to Paris. These days in Cannes were perfect and I had the opportunity to experience and enjoy every possible aspect of the city during the festival. I’ve been working promoting our festival, interviewing people, meeting filmmakers, team working with my amazing colleagues, stressing, enjoying the sunny days and my loved sea and of course partying! Screening didn’t miss, I’ve been attending three: “The Immigrant”, starring Marion Cotillard, “Michael Kohlhaas”, starring Mads Mikkelsen, and “Only lovers left alive” by Jim Jarmusch, and I’ve been walking the red carpet twice in the same day. I’m so glad I’ve been there, now I can only  hope to see you soon Cannes!!

Cannes Day 5: Gaia

Cannes is not only a film festival, it’s Art, Business and Glamour. It is amazing how a city of less than 70,000 people can turn into such a dynamic, lively and glamorous hub. Outside the Palais, along the Croisette, there’s the curious crowd, attracted by the shining of the glamour, walking next to young independent filmmakers, who just want to find their way to the market, where they can talk with other talented, creative people (and it’s been awesome feeling that somehow I was part of this second group!).
However the most amazing moment was to seat in the same theatre hall, with some of the most amazing filmmakers in the world and the crew of their films. This year it was Kechiche’s screening “La vie d’Adèle, chapitre 1 et 2” that made me felt overwhelmed with his incredible new masterpiece. Glad I could be part of that standing-ovation!

Cannes Day 4: Giulia

3,2,1..action! My day began in this way: running trough the Croisette looking for people to interview. An amazing time and a very interesting experience. The day get even better when in the afternoon I run into Jerry Lewis. My first thought was that I hadn’t enough time to follow him because I really wanted to keep promoting my festival: “ÈCU is open for submissions we have no time to loose!” So, after have been talking with producers, filmmakers, actors from all over the word at night I can say, with a lot satisfaction: what a wonderful day!

Cannes Day 3: Evi

If I think that just 3 months ago I was still in Athens ready to move to Paris and today I’m here, in Cannes, during the festival I think it’s a dream! Please don’t wake me up! Just yeasterday I was meeting Robert Redoford and Jane Fonda, OMG this place is amazing, and apparently my dreams are coming through. I don’t know if I will be ready to come back in Paris, oh yes Paris…I really think that i might be ready afterall, waiting for new adventures that ÉCU is giving to me!


Cannes Day 2: Sarah

Getting at Cannes Film Festival for the first time, I am stricken by its glamour – Cannes’ vedettes show everyday for the eyes of the luckiest and some stoic tele-objectives. This might be Cannes’s cover, but I find something most different and surprising in the underground of the Palais des Festivals: the Short Film Corner. Meeting filmmakers that can’t wait to show their work – this is the festival feeling I got used to. How many of them are we going to see at ÉCU 2014?


Cannes Day 1: Vibha

Most kids might dream about going to the Oscars but for me, as the alternative I believe to be, it has always been about the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival. A few years ago I traveled the south of France with my family and we drove through Cannes and noticed the red carpet was still there because the festival had just passed so we stopped and took pictures. Who would have thought I would be at Cannes thanks to @The European Independent Film Festival! This opportunity to watch the red carpet live, walk around the sea front with a camera interviewing independent filmmakers, having cocktails in hotels with producers and bumping into the biggest Bollywood director of the moment will always have a fond place in my memories…and it is only the first day! :)


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