24th May – Short films corner

ÉCU had the opportunity to meet and interview José Salazar, the director of the film “Passage” screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short films corner, a film co-directed with Tom Smith.

José Salazar, is a Venezuelan filmmaker who has been living  in Paris for the last 10 years. Driven by passion, this filmmaker  made his first short film in 2012, “Passage”, which competed in the Short film category at Cannes Film Festival 2013.

A 13 minutes film about “a man who follows a stranger far into the hills above. By allowing the other man to accompany him to his refuge, the stranger tacitly agrees to help him in his need to disappear, carrying out a strange ritual that they cannot voice but only perform.”

José’s aim was to let the audience build the story of the main character, letting the audience feel the moment without having any distractions.

He managed to create a strong story, able to involve the public, make them question about life, and ending in a surprising way.

Will the main character be able to disappear? The end is once again up to the audience , but the director reveled that there is a possibility of a trilogy of The Passage and I’m looking forward to watch it.

Marina Ferraro

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