Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey is outside her rom-com element in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. So much so that she finds herself uncomfortably outside her skillset; I’d rather have her stick to her self-effacing, whip smart funny and cute girl roles. But developing her career past the comedy grooves she’s carved, Fey plays Kim Baker in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, […]

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Français The tagline for The Royal Tenenbaums reads: “Get ready for a remarkable family gathering.” With that said, it should be noted that one should also get ready for a very strange family gathering, and an annoying one, at that – one with entitled spoiled rich folk so submerged in their own self-importance that lack […]

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Français Before trilogy director Richard Linklater brought pillow talk back with a healthy dose of nostalgia and the feels in Boyhood. The film’s intrigue factor is its long running cast and filming, famously spanning its storyline over twelve years and using the same actors in their aging element. But this happens to be the cherry on top of a […]

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Français There’s something about coming of age in this generation that feels like a perpetual pejorative. Obsessively calculated personal imagery spikes debilitating narcissism. Self-worth is literally quantifiable. Relationships and their upkeep are not established worthy without background checks through cyber space. Are people even really friends anymore? All this to say that the friendship portrayed […]

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Let’s talk about dysfunctional families for a second. Let’s talk about the ones that embarrass you – the non-charming variety of humiliation. The ones you blame consistently for the mishaps in your own psyche. The ones for whom – ultimately – you’d punch a baby unicorn should harm come even close. The ambient theme of family in the […]

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TWO FRIENDS (Louis Garrel)

Français This week, the ÉCU Movie Review is dedicated to Frenchies with the movie Two Friends, a feature directed by the french protégé Louis Garrel. For those who have never heard about the bushy-eyebrowed actor-director, Louis Garrel was born thirty-two years ago with a silver reel in mouth (70mm, of course). Ever since, he has […]

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MUCH LOVED (Nabil Ayouch)

 Français We promised ourselves to keep the ÉCU Movie Review light and breezy, nonchalant and fun. But then, we sometimes stumble upon movies like MUCH LOVED. Movies that are astounding, that make you double over, gasping for breath, that make you clench your fists with outrage and make your nose run and your eyes leak. […]

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LA VANITÉ (Lionel Baier)

Français La Vanité tells the incredible story of a sick man who is on a quest for death and the many peculiar characters that he meets on this morbid yet tender journey. Suffering from cancer, at a more or less terminal stage, David (Patrick Lapp), a retired architect, is determined to end things. Repulsed by […]

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Français As you may have noticed by now, ÉCU is all about indie cinema. And although we are deeply committed to our official selection, we must confess having sometimes been unfaithful to our competitors. Well, sometimes… Until now we’ve been very cautious about our dirty little secret; only going to the movie theater late at […]

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