Movie Review: Phantom Thread

In Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, Daniel Day-Lewis plays a man as infamously exacting as himself: a renowned ‘50’s dressmaker in London named Reynolds Woodcock. The actor’s approach to his craft finds its perfect outlet in the fashion designer, whose methods are likewise painstaking and extreme. In Phantom Thread, Anderson mythologises the figure of the […]

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Spotlight: Ryan Coogler

Even with the boundless new talent present in cinema today, it would be difficult to find an up-and-coming filmmaker with a track record quite as astonishing as Ryan Coogler’s. With just three feature films under his belt, he has managed to tell three outstandingly engaging and intimate stories, contribute to two major franchises, and thread […]

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Movie Review: Lady Bird.

As a huge Greta Gerwig fan, I am not surprised that I liked “Lady Bird”. However even I am surprised, despite my extreme partiality for this actress-turned-writer-turned-director, about how much I actually loved it. During the course of the film, we follow a year in the life of Christine Mcpherson aka “Lady Bird” (that is […]

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Spotlight: The Safdie Brothers

A pink glow reflects on Connie’s freshly bleached hair and neon blue spills out of an open refrigerator. Gritty, shocking, and spellbinding. 80’s nostalgia set against a New York City backdrop. Good Time: it’s the film that makes every minute more captivating than the last. To quote Stanley Kubrick, “A film is – or should […]

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Movie Review: Polisse

When I watched “Polisse” a few years ago, it took me a long time to get it out of my head. The story centres on a group of French police officers working in a child protection unit and shows how their work affects them psychologically. Admittedly, the film’s content is very hard-hitting, but if you think you can stomach […]

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As she once again mesmerises us on screen, this time in her film “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri”, it might be worth paying closer attention to the insurmountable force of nature that is Frances McDormand. As an actress, we know that she is talented – she is one of the very few actors who […]

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What To Do In February.

January has really just zoomed on by, but don’t worry friends – there is so much of 2018 still to come! To make sure you squander no time, we have even made you a little guide to give you some brand new tips on what to do/what to see this month. As usual, expect a […]

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January Updates

  In the spirit of New Year New Me, we have certainly started 2018 with a mighty bang! Not only have we been a-travelling (Riga, take us back!) but we have had an almighty amount of cracking submissions! Well done all of you who made our Regular Submission Deadline – you are nailing this 20-GREAT-TEEN […]

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Movie Review: On the Beach At Night Alone

  Art and life have overlapped in the cinema many a time, but rarely do they achieve the proximity one finds in Hong Sang-soo’s latest work On the Beach at Night Alone. In response to the obsessive media coverage in South Korea of his affair with actress Kim Min-hee, Hong has crafted a film-confession in […]

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  As of this week, Rachel Morrison has made history. When the list of nominations for the 90th Academy Awards were announced this Tuesday, her name was amongst a collection of cinematographers who have produced exceptional work this past year.  After nearly one century, she is the very first woman nominated for the Oscar for […]

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ÉCU Presents: Mt. Fuji Atami Film and VR Festival.

  Our dear Indie Filmmakers, We at ÉCU have a very special introduction to make – please meet our new sister festival the Mt. Fuji Atami Film and VR Festival!  Based in the beautiful seaside city of Atami, the Mt. Fuji Atami Film and VR Festival looks set to become  Japan’s best independent international film […]

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Movie Review: Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.

  If I had to describe Three Billboards in two words, I would say this: subtly unpredictable. It is true there are a few obviously major plot twists and shockers; yet not enough to give it that jack-in-a-box on acid feeling we get from other dramas or thrillers, where every second there is a new […]

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  Recently released in theaters, I Am Not a Witch bears all the marks of a promising auteur. The debut feature of 35-year-old Zambian director Rungano Nyoni, it was described as  “unmissable” at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Set in a remote Zambian community, its protagonist is a 9-year-old girl named Shula who is accused by village locals of being […]

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  Can you imagine being close to winning a spot on the American Olympic skiing team, only to have your hopes and dreams dashed in a second because of an injury on the slopes? That’s what happened to Molly Bloom. What does one do next? The story is quite remarkable, and has been adapted into […]

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    ÉCU is pleased to announce that we shall be venturing outside our Parisian home once more for another exciting endeavour; this time, we are off to Riga, Latvia, to do, for the first time, one of our world-class ÉCU screenings. Over the 17th and 18th January, we shall be showing some of the […]

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  2017 was a major year for Jordan Peele. He transitioned from side-splitting comedy on the stage and the small screen, to social horror that has kept the hairs on the backs of audience’s necks firmly at-attention. In the process of it all, he has inspired countless young, burgeoning and aspiring entertainers and filmmakers. But […]

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  A fairytale about the transcendent power of communication, The Shape of Water is the eloquent gem that Guillermo Del Toro fans have been waiting for. Set in early ’60s Baltimore, it tells the story of a young mute woman named Elisa (Sally Hawkins) who works as a janitor at a secret military lab where […]

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  Happy New Year! If you’re ringing in the new year in Paris, or simply looking for something fresh, fun and filmic to do in the City of Lights, let this list guide you through the first month of 2018!  The Grande Parade on the Champs-Elysées   On January 1, there will be a Grande Parade […]

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