Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Joyous Kwanzaa! And auf Wiedersehen 2012! December is a time of excitement. A time to be with loved ones.  A stressful time, filled with shopping and dinners, but most importantly, ÉCU’s second submission deadline.

That’s right the time is upon us once again!  Get your films in by Sunday December 16 and benefit from a reduced entry fee and longer promotion for your film on the ÉCU website.

As usual the ÉCU interns are here to tell you why you should submit your film by this month’s regular deadline. Have a look at their inspiring photographic reasons on why you shouldn’t loose your chance to be in the 8th edition of the European Independent Film Festival.

One of the goals at ÉCU is to extend our reach to other countries, sharing the magic of filmmaking by discovering new talent and different style.  Recently, ÉCU took part in a 3-days screening in Amman Jordan, where the filmmaking scene is on the rise. Read more about ÉCU’s trip to Jordan and check out the articles “Jordan- The Hollywood of the Middle East?” and “Captain Abu Raed” to learn more about the country’s original landscape.

Looking to find more up and coming cinema? Check out our article on “Ukrainian Independent Cinema as a Social Phenomenon”.

This month ÉCU has decided to spotlight some of the most interesting people in film like Bernardo Bertolucci, Sofia Coppola, Sam Mendes, and Jim Jarmusch. Their work, both old and new, has added to the independent industry and for this, we thank you!

December is a busy month. After shopping and finalizing your film, make sure to take a break by enjoying one of the great activities that occur all over the city during the month. Ice skating anyone?

Love- ÉCU team- indie since 2006

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