Brrr, it’s freezing cold outside here in Paris but that hasn’t kept the folks here at ÉCU from flying all over the place to screen a selection of our award winning films from ÉCU 2011, and to promote the great submissions that we are getting for ÉCU 2012, on location at some of our partner festivals.

Scott traveled to Norway to showcase Paths of Hate, Stanley Pickle, Colder, Exlibris, Jittertree and Adelanto at the Kabelvåg Kunstfilmfestival and Kadi was fortunate enough to get to fly to Bulgaria to serve as a judge for the Early Bird Student Film Festival. Scott caught up with Kadi in Sofia and travelled out to the American University of Bulgaria for it’s inaugural film festival and to give a directing masterclass. Finally, our Italian ÉCU ambassador, Alessia Massa, visited our partners Festival del Cinema Indipendente di Foggia. All the screenings were well received and a great time was had by all. Thank you filmmakers for giving us such great cinema to share around the planet!

On warmer shores, ÉCU is proud to announce its partnership with Fool’s Paradise in India who hosted a special screening for four of our winners from 2011 festival: Stanley Pickle, Paths of Hate, Städgata, and Invertebrate. Back at home, we held a special screening at the American University of Paris, showcasing Le Miroir, April Chill, Chloe’s Dollhouse, The Mechanism of Love, and Stanley Pickle. All the films were well received and everyone toasted the directors with some excellent wine and hors d’oeuvres afterwards.

Two weeks ago we launched something new and exciting – ÉCU #twitscript. We started a script with the simple lines “INT: Night. “It’s the pleasure in the pain that hurts so much” Said the dull girl as her dress fell like silk.” and this has become a constantly evolving screenplay written by our followers on Twitter. Read here for more details and join us in our storytelling collective!

Our regular submission deadline, which is on December 18th! PLEASE MARK IT IN YOUR DIARIES because time’s running out to be in the running to get accepted into one of Europe’s premier indie film festivals :)!

Keep up to date with our latest info by checking our Twitter and Facebook pages – and keep warm over the holidays!

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