ÉCU 2014 came and went in an exciting and chaotic blur of filmmakers and audiences swapping appreciation for, and advice regarding, the world of independent cinema. Did you miss a chance to chat with one of your favorite filmmakers who showed their work in our Official Selection? That’s where ÉCU 2014 Filmmaker Interviews are here to help.

Check in every week to see a new interview with the artistic minds and creative teams responsible for bringing their own twists on indie filmmaking to Parisian cinemas for ÉCU 2014 this year. The interviews will be covering everything from finding inspiration, to getting financed, to what makes independent film – as the name would suggest – the best place to realize true independence as an artist in film.

Interview with Tal Zagreba, director of HUMOR

Interview with Armen Grigoryan, actor and producer of THE HUNTER

Veronica Priefer (Creative Producer) and Maike Rasch (Screenplay), of CHAINS OF LOVE

Romas Zabarauskas, director of WE WILL RIOT

Roland Kennedy, director of SAY NOTHING

Andrea Bowen, a lead actress in THE PREACHER’S DAUGHTER

Gianluca Sodaro, director of GOD’S GOT HIS HEAD IN THE CLOUDS

Ben Perry & Matt Mullino, filmmakers of music video HEAVY MONEY

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