ÉCU 2018 is in the works and the submissions are as impressive as ever! We are thrilled by the great independent films that are arriving daily and would love to share with you some of the trailers to the films that we are receiving. Enjoy!

LEATHERDADDY by Nicholas Murphy

Coming to us from all the way down under, “Leatherdaddy” is a Non European Dramatic Feature brought to us by filmmaker Nicholas Murphy.  We join an American exchange student, one  who has pressing obligations with the immigration department, enjoy herself partying the night away in Paris. That is until she finds herself at a house party, one that she cannot leave.

THE CONDUCTOR byXavier Guignard

“The Conductor” has been entered to ÉCU as a “European Dramatic Short” by filmmaker Xavier Guignard,  from the U.K. It concerns a young French woman  who comes to London to work as the assistant of one of the world most renowned conductors. But there is a twist – she carries a secret deep inside. The question is – what is it?

AFTERWORD by Boris Seewald

This intriguing German short  tells the story of a young girl, a microphone, and the speech of her life.  We witness her converse with her own reflection, trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship, and giving herself any piece of advice she can muster. This film has been submitted to our “European Dramatic Short” category.


THE BOX by Dusan Kastelic

“The Box”, coming all the way to Slovenia to greet its ÉCU friends, is a short film detailing the lives of flat-headed creatures who dwell inside “the box”. Whilst existence inside the box is rather uninteresting, the lives of its inhabitants are shortly changed when a baby boy comes to reside with them! As he, and his curiosity, grow, so do the perspectives and experiences of his co-habitants – perhaps they might see what it truly means to be outside the safe confinement and think outside the box…

HER VOICE by Silvia Defrance

“Her Voice”, brought to us from Belgium, is an experimental work by the filmmaker Silvia Defrance, streaming the consciousness of one women. As the film progresses, we find ourselves, for perhaps the first time, experiencing and relating to the world fully through someone’s subjectivity, rather than our own.


UPROOTING by Kostadin Bonev

The title of this documentary is “UPROOTING”, in homage to the Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. After the Ottoman Empire ended, a new country emerged in its place – Turkey.  In it, there was no place in it for the Armenians. Hrant Dink called what happened to the Armenian people an “Uprooting” and for his words he was gunned down in cold blood on an Istanbul street.


ATELIER by Anna Willumsen

We’re so thrilled by all the submissions we’ve received! Keep ’em coming! This one is by Anna Willumsen (Denmark) and was submitted in the category European Dramatic Short. Imbued with mystery, soul-searching and sly humour, “Atelier” tells the story of a woman seeking peace and quiet at a modern studio utopia. Her stay is jarringly interrupted by a sound artist while mysterious sheep close in on the house.


SLIDING AWAY by Bob Findlay

This week’s submissions film trailer is from the film “Sliding Away” by Bob Findlay (Canada). The film features the talents of Ray Winstone and Kerry van der Griend and expresses the struggle each generation has to redefine itself. All one can do is take the lessons from the past, examine them, and find a way to choose to be different in the world

TWO DOLLARS by Emmanuel Tenenbaum

Here is our latest submissions trailer! The film is called “Two Dollars” and was made by Emmanuel Tenenbaum (France). It was submitted in the category European Comedy Film. After a week of leave, Sylvie is back at the Quebec company where she has been an exemplary employee for more than 15 years. She is then requested to attend a bizarre meeting!


This week’s submissions trailer is from the movie “Don’t think about a pink elephant”, made by Suraya Raja (UK) and was submitted in the category European Animated Film. Can you imagine living in a world where your thoughts became reality? Usually, we can dismiss them without a second’s thought, but what if we couldn’t? Layla has to fight daily against compulsive thoughts and urges. She’s terrified by her potential to do harm, until she is challenged to face her darkest fears.

VIF by Didier Beringuer

What a trailer we have for you this week! This week’s submissions trailer is from the film “Vif”, made by Didier Beringuer (USA) and was submitted in the category non-European documentary. The story is about Christian Audigier, a man who revolutionised the fashion industry with glittering tattooed tees and trucker hats, and how he was forced to accept what lied ahead of him when he was diagnosed with an aggressive type of blood cancer.

CIEL BLEU by Camilla Guttner

This week’s film trailer is from the film “Ciel Bleu” by Camilla Guttner (Germany) and was submitted in the category student film. Ciel Bleu tells the story of Charlotte, a 19 year old girl who is bored of the shallowness of her generation. One day, she meets outsider Leonard, and falls in love with him. However, she realises that Leonard is not of as sound mind as she thought. Will she be able to drag him away from the shadows of his past?

EN ALGUN LUGAR by Tadeo Garcia

We have another great submissions trailer! The name of the movie is “En Algun Lugar”, by Tadeo Garcia and was submitted in the category Non-European dramatic feature. Diego is a man longing for love and acceptance. One day, he meets Abel, who is willing to give him love and commitment. This is tested, however, when Diego reveals to him his immigrant status.

NO GHOSTS by Ragnar Snorrason

We’ve been fortunate to receive so many great film submissions. This week’s submission trailer is from the film “No ghosts”, by Ragnar Snorrason (Iceland) and was submitted in the category European dramatic short. It’s about a very moving story about a little girl called Ruth, who is eight years old and trying to come to terms with the loss of her brother. One day Ruth leaves a birthday party in the middle of hide and seek and goes searching for his ghost.

THE WATCHMAKER by Marie-Cécile Embleton

This week’s very interesting submission trailer is called “The Watchmaker”  and was submitted by Marie-Cécile Embleton in the European documentary category. It is a poetic portrait of an Iranian watchmaker, whose philosophical musings on craft invite us to reflect on how we engage with time in a fast paced world.

CUT by Eva Sigurdardottir

We have another ÉCU 2018 interesting submission trailer for you to watch. This is called “Cut” by Eva Sigurdardottir (UK, Iceland) in the category European Dramatic Short. The film tells the story about 17 year old Chloe, a victim of revenge porn who has decided to enter a Fitness modelling competition in order to change her image. We are taken on a journey with Chloe where she fights to regain control of her image.

MARVIN by Heather Rodgers

More beautiful films coming our way and one of them is Heather Rodgers’ (UK) “Marvin”. Film was an experiment from the beginning to the end and is a unique combination of traditional hand drawn or stop motion animation which incorporates also digital animation, resulting in a distinctive style that plays strongly on texture and colour. Film is about a man who is trying to fit in when all he does is stand out.

ZER by Kazim Öz

We have a new ÉCU 2018 submission trailer to share with you and this time, it’s film by Turkish director Kazim Öz “Zer”, submitted in category European Dramatic Feature. Zer is the story of a song, whispered to Jan’s ear on his grandmother’s deathbed. A survivor of Dersim Massacre, Zarife hid her identity, her past in her memory of this song. Raised in NYC, Jan begins a journey through Kurdistan, searching for his grandma’s past and his own self.

STARDUST by Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier

Time for another ÉCU 2018 Submission trailer, submitted in category European Music Video. Director Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier made the video for the French band “Next is Best”. Story goes like this – within Death’s lair, a young girl wanders through the darkness, chased by mysterious shadows. In this mystical journey between dreams and fatality, she will have to dance for her salvation.

NOTHING HAPPENS by Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot

We are happy to share another submission trailer from ÉCU Alumni – NOTHING HAPPENS by Uri Kranot and  Michelle Kranot in category European Animated Film. It is the spectacle of watching and being watched.

AZIZA by Jochem de Vries

AZIZA was submitted to ÉCU 2018 in the category European Dramatic Short.
It follows the secrete love story of 20-year-old Aziza, she is from a Moroccan background, living in Amsterdam with her family, and accidentally becomes pregnant which leads to the unraveling of her family’s hiden truths.

THE FULL STORY by Daisy Jacobs

ÉCU Alumni, Daisy Jacobs submitted her new life-size animated film, The Full Story (2017) which is set in the divorce boom of the 1980s.

Wasati فيلم وسطي by Ali Kalthami
The film Wasati, by Ali Kalthami was submitted to ÉCU 2018 in the category of Arab Special Selection and is based on true events that shook Riyadh, when a group of extremists attacked a theater.

PUYA – IN THE CIRCLE OF TIME by Shahbaz Noshir
The German film, Puya – In the Circle of Time, directed by Shahbaz Noshir was submitted to ÉCU 2018 in the category of European Dramatic Feature. It follows the struggle of Puya, a German-Iranian filmmaker who has struggled for nearly 30 years to create his feature length film.

Stay tuned for more trailers!

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