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Here at ÉCU, we pride ourselves on being a truly unique film festival with over 70 festival partnerships from around the world.

We have a wide assortment of partnerships that vary from fellow European festivals like Italy’s Lucca Film Festival and Spain’s Evolution International Film Festival, to Lebanon’s Cabriolet Film Festival, and all the way to Asia’s Bali International Film Festival.

We maintain close ties with all our partner festivals in order to ensure that all filmmakers who submit to us – from the up-and-coming director to the seasoned filmmaker – can all receive the best opportunity to have their works seen by as many industry professionals, fellow filmmakers and members of the general public, as possible.

Our more recent partnerships have proven to be as exciting and prosperous as ever, so take a look at some of our recent associations with whom we are delighted to share and exciting films that further our mutual goals of encouraging artistic excellence and diversity in cinema.



The Smalls Film Festival, launched in 2006 and based in London, is a creative and passionate organization that shines a spotlight on short films. This year, they will be hosting their 11th annual film festival between the 2nd – 7th September to showcase their film selections and create an environment in which fellow filmmakers can connect with one another and pitch to brands who can provide them with commercial opportunities to propel their projects forward. Late submissions are open for this year’s edition and the deadline is 1st August 2016.



No Gloss, Leeds’ independent film festival in the UK, will be returning this year to promote diverse and unconventional independent films and to support low-budget films by independent filmmakers. The festival was born out of a need for a local organization to support independent filmmaking in its region, but it has quickly developed into an accessible to all, no frills festival – hence the name – that is internationally recognized and plays films from around the world, including Australia, the United States and more. The two-day event will be held this year on 22nd and 23rd October.



Evolution Festival is one of the fastest growing, most exciting and respected film festivals in the Mediterranean. Founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a wholly original and innovative independent film event in the region, the festival has now become renowned as a buzzing networking hub for young and up-coming filmmakers, combining both the cultural richness of Palma with the large number of cinematic enthusiasts visiting the island each year. This year, EMIFF will be hosting its 5th annual festival between November 3-13, attracting thousands of attendees from more that 20 countries and will include film screenings, networking events, panel discussions, welcoming not only burgeoning filmmakers and established film professionals, but also the general public – in short all those who are deeply interested in film.



Launched by the patronage of the Chief Minister of Telangana, Indywood is the world’s leading film carnival that celebrates diversity and artistic distinction in world cinema. Hosted at the world’s largest integrated film studio – Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad – the spectacle attracts over 20,000 people from over 100 countries – from industry professionals to business figures, film journalists, novices to the industry and thousands of film lovers. The carnival spans 4 days – this year from September 24-27 – and encompasses the All Lights India International Film Festival which aims to create a unique, globalized creative platform that congregates the Indian cinema industry with cinema from all other nations. The festival showcases local and international films in conjunctions with seminars and events that sheds a light on all aspects of filmmaking – from the cinematographers, to the directors and actors and the art itself.



Dominating the Chinese independent film scene since 1997, Hong Kong’s biggest and most innovative independent film festival continues to champion its aims – nearly 20 years on – of uniting local independent filmmakers and increasing the publicity, promotion and distribution of independent film in Hong Kong. The festival holds film screenings at cinemas, universities and various community venues, as well as organizing numerous exciting seminars and workshop activities. Since 2010, they have been holding film screenings free of charge, in order to more widely promote independent cinema and allow audiences to enjoy the best in independent film.



The Clare Valley Film Festival is an impressive collective that showcases the best in Australian and international independent film, with the goal of inspiring and educating a new, up-and-coming generation of Australian cinephiles in the art of filmmaking. The festival has accrued the reputation as one of the most informative film festivals in Australia, through its aims to eradicate the perception that filmmaking is a costly endeavour and an inaccessible pursuit by encouraging Australians to with suitable knowledge and skills to share their stories through film. CVFF will be operating from the 13-15 November this year in South Australia’s picturesque and lively region of Clare Valley, a striking festival location that is the perfect backdrop for the festival’s celebration of Australian cinema.



LABF is a cross-platform initiative that sheds much needed light on individual rights and freedom of expression, especially needed in light of recent socio-political issues that have absorbed mainstream media channels and general discussion. Through the medium of film, as well as an outreach program and a strong social media presence, they aim to encourage creativity and debate by forming a positive and constructive dialogue in order to do their part to help better society. This year’s LABF Festival taking place from 12-16 October in London, will screen films that facilitate discussion and debate that fosters freedom and helps to spreading peace.



AFM (American Film Market) in Santa Monica is the film industry’s largest conference of 2,000 new films and projects, creating global connections and unlimited possibilities. It will be an 8 day event held the 2nd-9th November, welcoming participants from over 70 countries including filmmakers, directors, writers, producers, film commissioners and many more interesting people from the film industry.

ÉCU will be linking up with AFM this year by heading over to Santa Monica to promote our festival. We are excited to get involved with such a big and important film event this year where we will get the chance spread the indie word to some of the industry’s most prestigious people.




Aesthetica Film Festival in York, United Kingdom, is returning for its 6th year. It will be held in 15 distinct venues across York from the 3rd-6th November. Over these 3 exciting days at Aesthetica you will have the chance to see some of a great 400 films that they will be showcasing, and get involved in over 25 masterclasses with key speakers from the film industry.

Some of our team here at ÉCU will be joining Aesthetica on the 4th November for the Meet The Festivals Marketplace event, which is an opportunity for filmmakers to expand their contacts in the industry. We will be there to hopefully find some more talented filmmakers that we can help through our festival as a platform.


ÉCU is truly proud to have such eclectic and interesting partnerships that value diversity and artistic excellence in cinema, while continually facilitating local and international associations between filmmakers, directors, actors and all lovers of film!

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