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One of our cherished film festival partnerships, Romania’s Arkadia Short Film Festival, a celebrated international festival dedicated to the screening of this generation’s artistically innovative and culturally authentic short films, has excitingly returned this year in the scenic city of Băicoi, Prahova.


Arkadia Short Film Fest

The 2017 edition of Arkadia ShortFest – kicking off this Friday – promises a lively three-day event of brilliant film screenings, interactive workshops, photographic exhibitions and Q&A sessions with special guests. What makes this third annual edition so special for ÉCU is the impressive work our partner festival had done in ensuring a variety of stimulating and touching films are screened this year, in particularly close conjunction with us here in Paris.

We are thrilled to announce that between the 2-4th September, Arkadia ShortFest will be screening a selection of the the best short films that made it into the Official Selection at ÉCU 2016. From the broad and varied range of 77 innovative films submitted from 31 countries in the hopes of making the cut last year, Arkadia ShortFest will be presenting 7 of the most impressive short productions, all in in the wondrously picturesque and architecturally rich town of Băicoi.

THE WAY OF TEAFrom ÉCU’s Official Selection of eclectic short films that have garnered exceptional recognition, Arkadia ShortFest will broadcast French Filmmaker Marc Fouchard’s stirring drama, The Way of Tea, following a young skinhead who enters a grocery store in a small town in northern France, Jeff Tan’s poignant American film, Mother’s Day, capturing a final farewell between a mother and son and Dimitris Argyriou’s rousing Bosnian/German production Monica, which examines the heartbreaking experiences of an aspiring hairdresser who becomes entwined in the sordid world of human trafficking.

Put Down_01Also on the program is Ben Mallaby’s British production, While You Were Away, an impassioned story exploring the abnormal quarreling between a married couple, fellow Brit Rick Limentani’s somber drama Put Down, concerning a disillusioned young man who sees his life turned upside down after becoming involved in the black market and Ivan Barge’s New Zealand-based production, Madam Black, a curious film about a photographer who is forced to fabricate a story due to the sudden disappearance of his child’s pet animal.

The final of the 7 films which will be screened is another production from the United States, Roman Hill’s Genesis, a poetic experimental film exploring the universe’s inherent chaos and vacuum through chemical reactions and fluid dynamics.

Our close ties with celebrated and exceptional festivals like Arkadia ShortFest, continually demonstrate the value for directors, producers, writers and actors in becoming involved with ÉCU through our Official Selection, so that compelling films from around the world have the opportunity to be seen by as many industry professionals, peer filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts as possible.

Make sure to get involved in this year’s wonderfully engaging and culturally rich festival event by taking a look at Arkadia ShortFest official website here.

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