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ÉCU’s partner festival, ISFFC – The International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, is coming into its 6th year! A festival that started as a national competition, has now expanded to be an international festival and has been our partner for 5 years. ISFFC’s main aim is the promotion of cinematographic art through a diverse showcase of the best short films from Cyprus and the rest of the world. During the exciting 7 day festival in Cyprus’ town of Limassol, your short film of up to 25 minutes can compete as fictional, animated or documentary. The festival ends with an array of awards for the most talented filmmakers who have creatively and effectively told great stories in short cinematic form.

ISFFC and ÉCU share the same indie-infused spirit which has lead to some of the same films being screened at both festivals, such as THE SEED, MAYDAY RELAY and MADAM BLACK. As partner festivals, our values meet as two events that promote the importance of creative storytelling whilst demonstrating quality and innovation. One of ISFFC’s main objectives is to bring attention to the independence of short films as an art form and to create a special environment and audience for them. Taking place from the 15th to 21st October, this is a festival that you want to check out this month! Read more here.
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