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Now that the autumn season is quickly on our heels and a number of our impressive and innovative partnerships will be hosting their annual film festival functions in the coming months – comprising of eclectic film screenings, interactive workshops and distinguished panel discussions – we are thrilled to announce the return of the 9th edition of Naperville Independent Film Festival for a memorable week of film-oriented merriments, later this month.

YHn-VRFxWe greatly cherish our ties with NIFF, a festival that has been continually committed to its aims of screening some of the best independent films from the United States and around the world, providing a rewarding showcase for producers, directors, actors and camera crews to present their indie films, as well as affording film aficionados the prosperous opportunity to see productions screened exclusively at NIFF or cherry-picked by the festival from the fortuitous competition selections of their partnerships.

ÉCU is terribly proud to announce that from the best films that made the cut for ÉCU’s 2016 Official Selection – and a small selection of other wonderful films also recognized by ÉCU – a dozen of the most arresting and absorbing of these entries will be screened by NIFF at Illinois’s very own North Central College, between 19 – 23th September. We are delighted that NIFF will be promoting ÉCU to their American audiences and we admire their endeavors to select a diverse range of our international films to introduce to further film devotees.

From the superb assortment of films that have gained special recognition from ÉCU, NIFF will be screening a number of exciting short films, including Mélanie Delloye’s poignantly moving French film, The Man of My Life, following an adolescent girl who becomes embroiled in a love triangle that forces her to demonstrate a surprisingly willful tenacity, as well French director Marc Fouchard’s emotive drama, The Way of Tea, following a young skinhead who enters a grocery store in a small town in northern France.

poster_short_Welcome_ecuadorNIFF will also be screening Marc Martínez Jordán’s Spanish Sci-Fi drama Horseface, an enigmatic tale starring the filmmaker and his grandmother that features a dexterous amalgamation of the comedy, horror and thriller genres, and Javier Fesser’s uplifting story Welcome, another Mediterranean-based production depicting the beneficial innovations that the advent of the internet produces at a school in a small, Peruvian community. The final of the short films to be exhibited is Barney Frydman’s Belgium drama, The Seed, portraying the thrilling tale of two teenage boys who commit a crime that leads to their embroilment in a woman’s death.

Impressively, the sole comedy-genre film from ÉCU’s Official Selection competition winners to be screened at NIFF is Ben Mallaby’s British production, While You Were Away, an impassioned story exploring the abnormal quarreling between a married couple. The single animated film to be exhibited is Dennis Stein-Schomburg’s German film, The Old Man & the Bird, a deeply innovative reflection on the nature of love, separation and the cycle of life, in addition to Eduardo Hernandez Perez and Hans Japp Melissen’s experimental film, Refugees, an eye-opening Dutch production that uses the art of Virtual Reality to offer a humane and fresh perspective on the refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesbos.

From ÉCU’s European dramatic feature winners, NIFF will be projecting two exciting films; Oscar Spierenburg’s Vanitas, a subversive Belgian production that follows a young, female art-restorer who becomes disillusioned with the art world after her confrontation of the forging of masterpieces within the industry and British director Martin Stitt’s Love/Me/Do, depicting the intense relationship between an attractive young woman and an unemployed actor.

maxresdefaultThe festival will also be screening Jamila Paksima and Geraldine Moriba’s insightful American documentary, Until 20, about the inspiring life of a talented young golfer who becomes diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, as well as the sole music video that made the cut, Ewert and the Two Dragons’s Circles, an Estonian work directed by Helen Takkin which poignantly relates the pains of being abandoned by a loved one.

We are extremely thrilled that our respected festival partner is so warmly incorporating ÉCU into this year’s annual event and ensuring that this wide and varied selection of impressive films, will have the chance to be seen by NIFF’s rapidly growing local and regional indie film fans.

To find our more about this year’s edition of NIFF and the festival’s wonderful program, check out their official website here.

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