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We have been fortunate to create an in-kind partnership with ÉCU Film Festival in Paris which will allow us to bring the Best of ÉCU to London in 2016. By not charging filmmakers and asking audiences members to ‘pay what they like’, we will be able to make the film programme open and accessible to all filmmakers and audiences alike.” VAUT Film Festival Team

We are very proud of ÉCU’s partnership with the first edition of Vault Film Festival. The festival will take place in central London on Sundays between 14:30 – 16:00 on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th February 2016. The Film Festival is the newest addition to the Vault Festival of Arts, which will see it’s fourth festival taking place in the edgy underground location of The Vaults, Waterloo for six weeks in 2016: January 27th – March 6th. 

Film screened will be Short Form (5-10 min) or Long Form (20-25 min) categories in Drama, Comedy, Experimental, Documentary, and Animation with Music Videos being 5 min. One Long Form film will be screened during each session. Three films from each category will be shortlisted for the VFF Awards with an overall winner being awarded the ÉCU Independent Spirit Award, which has a cash prize of £250. 

The programme:

Catching Fireflies | USA | 19min | Dir. Lee Whittaker
Todo Lo Demas (Everything Else) | Spain | 8min | Dir. Federico Untermann
Un Tour de Cheville (The Anklet) | France | 12min | Dir. Guillaume Levil
Blotter | UK | 11min | Dir. Kara Smith
For George | UK | 23min | Dir. Francesca Jaynes
La Propina (The Tip) | Spain | 11min | Dir. Estaban Crespo
Irma | Spain | 3min | Dir. Beatriu Vallès Jimeno
The Invinsibles | 1min | Denmark | Dir. Pelle Folmer

Shards of a Broken Promise | UK | 15min | Dir. Jonell Rove
Omul (Human) | Germany | 10min 50sec | Dir. Brigitte Drodtloff
Lashes | UK | 20min | Dir. Christine Sherwood
Night Four | US | 6min 50Sec | Dir. Chris Dougherty
Arrivederci Rosa | UK | 18min | Dir. Flaminia Graziadei
Adam in the Sky | UK | 7min | Dir. Wilhelmina Hayward
Palimpsest | UK | 5min 54sec | Dir. Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo

Nowhereland | Spain | 5min | Dir. Guillermo Madurga
Exit Road | US/Portugal | 13min | Dir. Yuri Alves
Last Will: Idyll | Germany | 12min | Dir. Alice von Gwinner
Annas Augen (Anna’s Eyes) | Spain | 9min | Dir. Beatriu Vallès Jimeno
Sick To My Bones | UK | 14min 28sec | Dir. Matthew Leonhart & Guy Davis
Our Father | UK | 10min | Dir. Artur Zaremba
Beneath Water | UK | 15min | Dir. Charlie Manton
Bystander Effect | Germany | 10min | Dir. Matthias Neumayer

If You Wait’ – TEITUR | Denmark | 5min | Dir. Sara Nanna Jørgensen
King’ – Eden Roxx | 4min 50sec | UK | Valerie John Lewis
Despertar | Spain | 8min | Dir. Marta Medina del Valle
Frau in Mond (Woman on the Moon) | UK/Poland | 5min 28sec | Dir. Kasia Prus
Oscillation | Spain | 8min | Dir. Dídac Gimeno
SOS | UK | 5min | Dir. Al Carretta
SOS Redux | UK | 4min | Dir. Al Carretta
Touch | UK | 2min 30sec | Dir. Andrew Richardson
My Dog | UK | 4min 52sec | Dir. Joe Whitney
‘You Return, Therefore’ – LUBICH&DAVIDSEN | 3min | Denmark | Dir. Sarah Lubich
Stop All Jerk’ – Bikini Machine | 4min 47sec | France | Dir. Armel Gourvennec
Over My Dead Body | UK | 31min | Dir. James King & James Carney

What makes VAULT Festival so unique is the passion they have and platform that they offer. By expending their festival to include a short film and music programme they are continuing to ensure that audiences from around the city continue to be offered something fresh and original.” VAULT Film Festival  programmer and The New Current editor Niger Asije

 If you are around London in February 2016 be sure you don’t miss out on the Sunday screenings in Waterloo.

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