We are very happy that once again our filmmakers have the opportunity to show their talent around the world, thanks to our partner festivals. The next stop on our ÉCU-on-the-Road tour is Aarhus Independent Pixels in Denmark! We will be presenting a special screening program of ÉCU 2014 winning films:

– CLOSED BOX, dramatic short by Riccardo Salvetti and Gianfranco Boattini (Italy)
Aarhus– SECOND WIND, experimental film by Sergey Tsyss (Russia)
– 216 MONTHS, dramatic short by Valentin Potier and Frédéric Potier (France)
– JIMINY, student film by Arthur Molard (France)
– CHAINS OF LOVE, student film by Martina Plura (Germany)

Aarhus Independent Pixels will be held on October 17 -19th. 40 of the best Nordic and young talents in filmmaking and photography will compete in the four festival categories: The Independent Short Short (narrative short film less than 5 min.), The Independent Short (narrative short film less than 30 min.), The Independent Photo (art photography – single product), The Independent Photo Series (art photography – 2-10 products).

Aarhus Independent Pixels

There are various activities organized during the festival: together with ÉCU 2014 special screening, also films from Rome Independent Film Festival, Tyrolean Independent Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and Independent Days Film Festival will be screened. Also there will be photography exhibitions, workshops, lectures, artist talks, contests of creativity… For each event, 40 free tickets are available, hurry up to book them on the festival website!

The festival will be held at the beautiful and historical Aarhus Art Academy, which was founded in 1963 and has, since then, significantly contributed to the artists’ education and to the cultural life of the city. We heartily urge you to not miss this festival as well as the occasion to visit this beautiful and bustling city, famous for its lively student atmosphere and its flourishing artistic scene.

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

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