Taos Shortz International Film Festival

Saturday March 31st

19:40 – 20:40

If you’ve ever seen Rooster Cogburn and the Lady, John Wayne’s thrilling follow up to True Grit, you’re bound to remember the part of Wolf. Well Rick Romancito, the Taos and Zuni Pueblo actor who played that part can today be found on the board of judges at the Taos Shortz Film Festival in New Mexico. With a mission statement promise to unite filmmakers with the community under the belief that film can change lives, and even a “vision statement” with a stated commitment to “compelling and thought-provoking subject matter”, Taos Shortz is clearly a festival with purpose. Running concurrently with its own “Filmapolooza” 48-hour film-making challenge, the festival screens more than seventy films from around the world, including fiction, documentary and animation – but crucially never exceeding thirty minutes in length.

The Taos Shortz Film Fest has been called the, “Sundance of short films,” and is quickly becoming a not-to-miss event for filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. The TSFF is applying for accreditation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which means that anyone who submits a film to the TSFF will have the potential to be nominated for an Oscar, the highest honour a film or filmmaker can receive.

The 70+ quality short films from around the globe, free panel discussions, networking parties and over 120 visiting International filmmakers are just some of the highlights of the festival.

The Special Screenings from Taos Shortz will be:

“Sebastian’s Voodoo” – Official Selection of Taos Shortz 2011

“Dreams Awake” – Special Mention Documentary of Taos Shortz 2011, by Kevin Gordon and Rebekah Meredith

“Astronomer’s Sun” – Best Animation of Taos Shortz 2011, by Peter Kershaw

“The Wait” – Official Selection of Taos Shortz 2011

“Prayers For Peace” – Special Mention Animation of Taos Shortz 2011, by Dustin Grella

“Red Mesa” – Best New Mexican Film of Taos Shortz 2012, by Ilana Lapid

“Slap” – Official Selection of Taos 2011

“The Empress” – Official Selection of Taos 2011


Riff – Rome International Film Festival

Saturday March 31st

20:50 – 21:50

The Rome International Film Festival prides itself on screening the finest in independent film and over the years has shown hundreds of spectacular film offerings originating from around the world.

The Rome Independent Film Festival made its debut in 2001 as Rome’s first independent and international film festival. Each year, dozens of films compete, including 2011’s some 150 films in competition – consisting of feature films, short films and documentaries – coming from more than 40 countries each year. Helped by Rome Area Council for the Arts Executive Director, Allen Bell, Norman and Bell relaunched the new festival in 2004.

The program of the RIFF 2012 will be enriched by retrospectives and seminars on different aspects of the film industry. At the end of the Festival, the RIFF Awards will be given, totaling over 50.000€  in worth. Also starting this year, filmmakers will have the possibility to propose their original works as a first-ever preview in the section “New Frontiers”, dedicated to the first work of an artist. For the past 5 years, the RIFF has collected and presented in prime time works coming from all over the world, giving particular attention to Italian production.

RIFF Special Screenings will include:

“End of Season Eclipse” – Official Selection of Riff 2011

“Merry-Go.Round Jody” – Official Selection of Riff 2011

“Full of Life” – Official Selection of Riff 2011

“The Hall of the Big Hotel” – Official Selection of Riff 2011

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