With The Great Gatsby premiering at the Cannes Film Festival just around the corner, this week’s ÉCU Spotlight is none other than our beloved Carey Mulligan.

The current cover girl has not been on the silver screen for long, but her extensive and tremendously impressive resume would have you believing otherwise.  Like many actors of her status Mulligan’s passion for the arts began at a very young age, but her career was not launched until almost a decade later.

Some actresses begin their career by taking courses and studying drama, but the pixie cut beauty instead enlisted the help of Shakespearean actor Kenneth Branagh.  His performance in Henry V inspired her to take acting seriously, and as a result she wrote to him explaining her parent’s disapproval but her belief that acting was her true vocation in life.  Branagh responded that if she did indeed feel such a need to become an actress, than an actress she must be.  It has only been uphill since then.

Debuting in Joe Wright’s 2005 production of Pride & Prejudice, Mulligan did not have a shabby start to her career.  The film was a huge production and screened worldwide, subsequently placing the fresh faced 20 year old on the map.  It was not until 2 years later, however, that stardom really hit.

An Education premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival to absolute rave reviews.  The drama circles around Jenny (Mulligan), a bright and innocent 16 years young schoolgirl who falls in love with David, an older, devilishly charming businessman in 1960’s London.  The endless doting and sophisticated lifestyle that David pulls her into is quite an allure for the naïve teen, who is soon being whisked away from school and home life, all with her parent’s approval.  It is not until after she discovers that David is a con man does she truly begin to understand the power of love and the complications of adulthood.

The independent film surpassed all expectations and garnered three Oscar nods, including one for Carey’s performance.  Her name suddenly became a household one, so we can only imagine what will happen after the release of Gatsby at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Now enjoying married life with Mumford & Sons very own Marcus Mumford, our dimpled gamine has taken the year off from acting to breathe in the English air with her beau.  We can understand how the chaotic life of Hollywood may become a bit much at times, but we can’t wait for her to get back- we do miss her so.

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