The federal network of city portals CITYCELEBRITY ( is the largest independent crowdsourcing creative platform in Russia. They gather young talents from the whole of the country, making projects and contests in which thousands of people can take part and collaborate with festivals, culture centers, universities, international representatives and embassies, galleries, museums, creative and business communities.

By registering at CITYCELEBRITY, you are going to to get new experiences and new opportunities (for example, winners of many of their projects become participants in all-Russian festivals and exhibitions). In addition, the registration will allow to watch live teleconference, publish announcements of events and other materials (portfolio, press and post-release, photo gallery, master classes). You will be able to comment on publications of colleagues and to exchange personal messages. Finally, your account will be presented in the “Members” that will provide you with additional features self-promotion.

Each month on starts projects of different areas, from journalism and photography to design, architecture and music. Projects are created in collaboration with renowned companies and festivals, which allows participants and winners of the projects to develop and grow professionally and creatively, to become famous and find like-minded people across the country.

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