Fieri International  Film  Festival, a partner of ÉCU – the European International Film Festival, is a significant and important cultural event- part of a small group of the biggest and most important festivals of that type in Albania.

Every year the event features more prominent pictures and hosts authors from Albania and abroad. The development of this festival is aimed at sensitizing people to the art of cinema. The purpose of this festival is to present different cultures, film language, exchange of ideas, as well as presentation and promotion of independent film art. The event will take place in a beautiful historical building in the center of Fieri (Albania), at “Bylis” cinema on September 20-25 2012. The reason why the festival will take place in Fier is the desire to develop the art of cinema. Participation in the festival is free and films will be adjudicated by a professional and international jury. The audience is welcome to attend panel discussions, jury debates, and meetings with filmmakers.

Deadline: July 22, 2012.

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