After hours of dancing, live music and wonderful company last night, Festival Day 2 is now off to a perfect start! This morning the entire ÉCU staff rose with the sun and shining faces to kick off the day with Adam Leipzig´s workshop on “The Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers.” The theater was a packed house full of producers, directors, filmmakers, and students coming from all around the globe to learn about the best way to have their independent films projected to the masses.  Having served as the President of National Geographic Films and Senior Vice President at Walt Disney Pictures, Adam’s seminar was an incredible highlight that did not go amiss.

With more screenings about to start, the excitement isn’t dying down anytime soon. Although some of us may be drinking a little more coffee than usual to get through the day, we’re gearing up for what will be another insanely fun night of indies and partying. It definitely doesn’t hurt that all the filmmakers and moviegoers are just as enthusiastic about ÉCU 2013 as we are, and really…that’s saying something!

With that being said, what are you waiting for!? Get outta bed and come watch with us!

Bisous bisous bisous,

Ally Oberrotman


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