Year upon year ÉCU has the privilege of showcasing a magnitude of talent in filmmaking and our 12th edition proved to be no exception. We were thrilled that so many directors and representatives from our Official Selection were able to join us, and during the course of the festival weekend we were able to delve into their thought-processes and discover more about what it means to make an independent film. Take a look at what they had to say about their work and the industry when they caught up with our team.

We had the chance for a quick chat with Estelle Fromentin, the author of FRAGMENTS OF LOVE- documentary film about people in Argentina. We embark with them on an introspective journey, a poetic wandering while they are sharing their philosophy of love.

We had the opportunity to speak with Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir, director of CUBS and winner of Best European Independent Film 2017. She shares with us her insights, inspirations and the challenges that she has faced as a women in the film industry. Definitely a good watch!

We had a quick chat with Korinna Herzig, who is the author of DER NARR – a movie about living in today’s society. She is really honest about it, check it out!

Giada Ghiringhelli
won the Best European Experimental Film at ÉCU 2017 for her film RHYTHM OF BEING. We talked with Giada during the festival and she shares what is the most important for her when making a movie.


We stopped director Paula Palacios for a moment during the festival to find out about all that went into her documentary PROMISES HALIMO CAN’T KEEP.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Taylor Halsall, where he went into detail about his experience making his short A LITTLE HELP.

Director Andrés Klimek explained to us the meta-narrative of his experimental film THREE ROOMS, which won the award for Best Editing.

We stopped Ely Chevillot, who won the award for Best Director at ÉCU 2017, to get the low-down on her film CE QUI ÉCHAPPE/THE ELUSIVE.

We had a fantastic chat with Erfan Shafei where he shared his inspirations for his short film LE CLOCHARD.

We had a compelling conversation with director Marcel Glauche, where he gave us the run down on his dramatic short EVICTION.

We stopped Nicolas Auzeine and had a word about his student film Y, in which a 19 year old girl decides to avoid love to stop suffering. Actress Marie Petiot won the award for Best Actress at ÉCU 2017!

Director Ilker Savaskurt came to have a chat with us where he gave us an idea of all that went into his film DAMAT KOĞUŞU (GROOM’S BLOCK).

This year at we had the opportunity to speak with director Daniela Leitner about her animated film LATE SEASON, which won the award for Best European Independent Animated Film.

We stopped Noa Gottesman and Asaf Schwartz to find out about everything that went into his film OMAR, where Omer wakes up one day with a thick beard and discovers that he is now Omar, an Arab.

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