Hello ÉCU-ers and ÉCU-ettes!

The month of July brings many things to Paris. Hordes of anglo-tourists, the Paris-Plages, a sweltering sun that never fails to remind us of the Frenchman’s aversion to A/C. With this onslaught of nuisances, many Parisians take this time to escape the hell of urban summers for a more pleasant environment. Scott, the wise man that he is, took a cue from the Parisians and fled the city for a balmier option, Australia. While he lays upon beaches, enjoying the surf and sand of his homeland, his minions dutifully hold down the ÉCU fort here in the 18th arrondissement.

Although Paris is seeped in summer laziness, submissions are in full-swing. Though the call for submissions was just in May, we have already received a large amount of films. Coming in daily, they are pouring in from all over the world.
This month, we launched a new category for our 2012 edition – “European Youth Film”. Those who submit will be competing for the esteemed “European Youth Excellence Award in Filmmaking”. Dedicated to young filmmakers aged 8 to 16, this category accepts films of any genre, length or language (though English or French subtitles are required). We are excited to present this opportunity to the youth of filmmaking and anticipate the creativity and spirit that this category will bring us.

As the summer months roll on, our 2011 “ÉCU on the Road” tour continues. An ÉCU representative recently attended the In the Palace Film Festival held in Balchik, Bulgaria, which boasted over 150 international filmmakers. Directors from all over the globe submitted their tales of love and loss under four categories: fiction, animation, experimental and documentary. Two of their award-winning films, “Red in the Water” and “Beats of Love” have been submitted to ÉCU.

Later this month, our festival manager, Kadi Lokk, is jetting off for the annual Avanca Film Festival. The 14th edition will be held in Avanca, Portugal from July 20-24. Defined as an international meeting of cinema, TV, video and multimedia, Kadi is eager to see the film talent that awaits her in Avanca!

With new submissions every day, there’s a lot going on! Until the next newsletter, you can stay up-to-date by visiting our website and social media channels!

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