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As the summer season is now in full swing and the hottest month of the year is on our heels, ÉCU is more passionate than ever to make the most of the tropical festivities in the world of cinema!

We are always excited to engage ourselves with intriguing filmmakers, screenwriters, film festivals and of course our lively audience, and the month of July has been no exception!

In continuation of our efforts to encourage creativity and a sense of community in the world of film, our “Much More than a Script Competition” is underway! We offer writers of all ages and dispositions a chance to become involved in this unique competition offering. We are highly impressed by the calibre of material we have received – both in form and content – and greatly look forward to further submissions to the competition!

Additionally, we are proud to announce that we have made some more exciting new festival partnerships, both of which are based in the UK! The Smalls, a passionate and creative festival launched in 2006, shines a spotlight on short films by providing filmmakers with the professional opportunities to connect with brands and organisations that can propel their projects forward. This year, they will be hosting their 11th annual film festival between the 2nd – 7th September -they are now open for late submissions and the deadline is 1st August 2016!

Equally as notable is our partnership with No Gloss Film Festival, Leeds’ independent film festival which will be returning this year on October 22nd and 23rd to showcase diverse and unconventional films, while at the same time supporting low-budget films by independent filmmakers. This internationally recognized festival, initially created out of a need to support independent filmmaking in its city, focuses on being an accessible-to-all festival, without all the frills and glitzy superficiality that has come to be synonymous with film.

Here at ECU, we love our indie filmmakers, as well as our film festivals! We are very proud to have such innovative partnerships and discover truly inspired films by such impassioned directors and filmmakers.

We are thrilled to find out what the month of August has in store for ÉCU!

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