“La vie d’Adèle”, fifth film of the franco-tunisian director Abdellatif Kechiche is a must-see for everyone. After been named best film at Cannes, the film has been described as politic, provocative and shocking. The lesbian sex scenes are indeed very explicit, however the striking power of this masterpiece lies in its ability to describe the purest humanity in which everyone can recognize himself. The attraction between the two characters and the love that arises after this, are so powerful and sincere that everyone can easily understand it, no matter if gay or not. Kechiche’s ability to present its characters with such an intimate and pure gaze is overwhelming, we feel so close to Adèle, as if we’ve been known her fro years. The director dedicated the prize to the youth of Tunisia, who now is fighting for their rights, describing them as those “who wanted only to live, speak and love freely”. La vie d’Adéle is an example of how cinema is able to communicate and touch our lives, through someone else’s struggles and emotions. It’s not only a film, it’s an amazing experience.

By Gaia Brunelli

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