As part of ÉCU-on-the-Road 2013/2014 tour, ÉCU traveled to Barcelona, Spain to screen 24 films from 12 countries, a selection of the best independent films from ÉCU 2013 Official Selection. The screenings and workshops were held between November 14th to 16th at Raval area.

Here is what the ÉCU Team was up to in Barcelona:


16th November

Did you know that Barcelona…? Here is what ÉCU has noticed and found out in this beautiful city.

Barcelona is known to be skaters favorite. The owner of Tactic Surf Shop, one of the biggest one in Barcelona area, tells us why he is in love with this wonderful city and why people should visit it. Oh, and also he loves ÉCU :)

ÉCU loves talking to the locals here in Barcelona. Joan, filmmaker and photographer tells you why he loves his city and why is it good to be here. Follow his advice and experience some culture by joining ÉCU screenings at Auditorio Blanquerna. We are here and showing best indie films until 9pm tonight.

Indie films, great stories, emotions and creativity – this is what you can find at ÉCU-in-Barcelona screenings this Saturday. Come and check out the film.

ÉCU is taking over the streets of Barcelona and talking to artists all sorts of. Have a look what a Catalan painter Enrique has to say about his city and the arts and cultures in it.



Take a look at the photo album with ÉCU-in-Barcelona photos

barcelona photos

What is happening today in Barcelona? We are here and ready to screen a selection of Europe’s Best indie films from our 2013 selection. Check them out!!

ÉCU is out on the streets of Barcelona talking to the locals. Have a look what Enrique has to say.



First day in Barcelona – done and dusted. The editing workshop with Totie about Love, Life and The Creative Art ensured that people walked out inspired. More tomorrow…

Today at ÉCU-in-Barcelona film editor Totie Herman is giving a masterclass in how to balance life, love and cinematic art.



Boots on the ground. ÉCU-in-Barcelona starts tomorrow. Have a look what ÉCU’s President, Scott Hillier has to say about the upcoming event.



It’s cold and rainy in Paris and we are ready to take off to Barcelona

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