Ana Clara Soares

Olá, my name is Ana Clara Soares, I’m Brazilian and for the past two months I’ve been a happy ÉCU intern.

To me, Paris is magical, and I absolutely love it. There’s just so much art in every single corner, so much life that in the 2 years that I’ve been living here I can say without a doubt that I’ve only experienced an embarrassingly small portion of the city’s greatness. Nonetheless, I guess that’s one of the reasons why I’ve continued living here – utterly fascinated, and loving it.

I’m a current undergraduate student in Global Communications and Film Studies at the American University of Paris. After two years of classes, I felt more than ripe to look for an internship that would fulfill my urges for creativity and experience in film. Ideally, this would be an internship involving movies, production, creativity-encouraging and which didn’t undermine my capacity to lead. And so I went on searching, and luckily ended up joining the welcoming ÉCU team as its “Visual and Creative Content Editor”. Fancy title for a fancy gal, meaning I’m in charge of researching and gathering the blog and newsletter content with the help of a great team of writers.

To have found a somewhat international indie film festival in Paris was more than I could’ve asked for, especially with such a crew. Having been here for a short time I can say that, besides the professional experience I’ve acquired, there were some random highlights worth mentioning. Like the moment in which I stopped to think: “Woah, look at me, a girl from Rio, in Paris, having Russian soup at this Australian guy’s place with other several people from distinct corners of the world” (globalization fascinates me). The guy in question was Scott Hillier, ÉCU’s president, and I remember quite vividly what he said as he saw me during this contemplation: “you look scared”. Damn. I guess that’s the face I make when seizing the moment in which I realize I’m a part of something great.

As for the future, I can say with frightening honesty that I have no idea what it holds for me – so let’s not talk about that. Instead, why don’t you let me know how I’m doing at my job! I’m a fan of constructive criticism. Also, if you want to become a part of the writing team, or just volunteer at ÉCU doing what you do best, please contact me at

I wish you good luck at your cinematographic experiments, and hope to hear from you soon!

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