Hey, my name is Kadi Lokk I’m from Estonia and I’ve just started interning with The European Independent Film Festival here in Paris!

I’m a college graduate from Mainor Business School in Tallinn, Estonia. I have worked in the US for the Southwestern summer program, managed a web portal in Tallinn and during the last couple of months worked in Disneyland Paris. I moved to Paris early this summer, simply because I love Paris- for me it is such a cultural city, where something interesting is always going on.

It’s only been a week yet a lot of interesting things have already happened…I received a love letter, had a lunch with the whole team at Scott’s place and spent a weekend with ECU girls checking out the Paris vintage shopping. People in here definitely work hard, but they also know how to have fun :)

With my background in marketing, I’m in charge of spreading the word about our Call for Submissions. I started with my home country (of course!!) and have talked to Maia Sule from Baltic Film and Media School and Jaak Järvine from Estonian Film Amateurs Union. I got some super positive feedback!

The office is fun with many cool things going on: Clementine (ECU’s Communication Officer) is going to The House of European Culture in Prague to screen two of the ECU 2010 winners; Scott and Rhiannon are off to the UK for the Raindance film festival in a couple of days to see how things happen across the Channel.

France has this crazy event called “La Nuit Blanche” which is an annual all-night arts festival and the ECU team (all aspiring filmmakers!!) will be running all over town filming the event which we will put up on our social media sites for you all to enjoy!

I’m enjoying my time here, the energy is high and I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the ECU 2011 film festival. In the mean time, if you would like to join our team and have any questions email me at kadi@ecufilmfestival.com

Nägemist ja head filmitegemist! (that’s Estonian for goodbye – and happy filmmaking)!!!

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