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ÉCU is proud to announce its partnership with Modul8 for ÉCU 2010! Brought to you by GarageCUBE based out of Geneva, the winner of the ÉCU 2010 Experimental Film category will be awarded a Modul8 editing package, “a revolutionary MacOS X application designed for real time video mixing.” From veejaying to contemporary art to video production, Modul8 is a flexible, responsive and easy-to-use editing software. Read more below or click here to visit the website.

Modul8 2.6
Geneva, Switzerland – December 3, 2009.

GarageCUBE presents a new version of its revolutionary live video performance tool for Mac OS X: modul8 2.6. It is designed for VJs, live video performers, stage designers and anyone working with live video presentations and installations. Modul8 has become known in the live media production community for its speed, stability and ease of use.

This new version of modul8 builds upon this reputation by integrating new features into the existing architecture and interface that further its position as an essential tool in the performing arts and event production environments. With the new features, Modul8 2.6 is now 100% compatible with Snow Leopard, allows sound analysis, supports DMX control, integrates up to 4 live video feeds.

What’s new in modul8 2.6?

Compatibility with Snow Leopard

Sound Analysis
Fine tune how compositions react to specific sounds. Isolate frequencies using the Sound Analysis Configuration panel and turn sound into movement. Applying these movements to a layer has been neatly integrated into the existing Animation FX panel.

DMX control
Modul8 can be integrated into any existing stage setup so that it can be controlled  with a light controler. Using the module system, it is also possible to develop custom  interfaces for controlling DMX devices. Few modules are already include to the  online library.

Up to 4 live video feeds
Incorporate several view points using multiple video cameras and mix them  together as you would any other media within Modul8.

Movie folder
Quickly create a slide show by dragging a folder containing images from your  desktop into the Modul8 media set. Add or remove images from the folder to modify  the sequence.

Blend modes
An essential feature for most compositing tasks, blend modes allows for artistic  experimentation with any image based media.

MIDI and keyboard improvements
Start every new project with a familiar feel by quickly incorporating the controls that  serve best. A favourite MIDI controller mapping created in a previous project can  now be used instantly within any new project. Import/export mapping. Automatic detection of MIDI devices.  Midi device filtering.

Wacom tablet support
The Painter module responds to pen pressure allowing you to add a natural, lively  feel to video performances
To learn more about Modul8 and download a demo version of Modul8 2.6 visit our website at

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